Badho Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Update

Badho Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Badho Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode

Pinki starts wiping Titli’s face with rosewater but Titli suggests her to look at her own face first. I see so many dark circles under both your eyes. you were so happy and bright when I came here first. Pinki panics. Titli says seems like you lost your beauty by getting beaten by Kamla ji’s stick. Pinki falls in her words. Titli says why I would lie. Leave all this tension aside and think only about your husband. What if he falls for some other girl in Nationals? I think you better take rest. Pinki decides to take beauty sleep. Titli agrees. Sleep in my room for 2 hours. I will wake you myself. Kamla ji will otherwise not spare you. Pinki lies down to sleep. Titli mentally thanks Pinki for saving her today.

Komal is massaging Malti ji’s feet. Malti ji notices her tensed. Why are you so worried

for Titli’s training? We all know that it isn’t an easy task. Komal says Lucky ji also said the same. Malti ji tells her not to worry then. Go and check on them.
Lucky and Titli start eating golgappa’s. Titli scolds the vendor to feed her fast. Are you being biased because I am not from this village? Lucky and Jitesh decline.

Komal comes to check on Titli and Pinki but does not open the door thinking it must be going right only.

The competition is going strong. Vendor complains that his golgappa’s are almost over. Jitesh tells him to give them whatever is remaining. Lucky gives up. Jitesh tries to encourage him but Lucky stays put. He appreciates Titli who appreciates him back. Jitesh is shocked that Titli won. Titli asks him if he never saw Lucky losing. Jitesh shakes his head. Titli says it is ok. You saw it today! Jitesh knows that he lost intentionally. Lucky replies that it is ok to lose sometimes. It isn’t so important to win sometimes. We also get happy seeing someone else happy sometimes. They look at Titli as she munches onto a plain golgappa happily. Lucky tells Jitesh that Titli is scolded all day as she fails in her training. Why don’t let her win outside? Jitesh appreciates him. I wish someone had taught me in the school that victory tastes like golgappa’s or I would have put my heart in studies! They smile.

Payal tells Vardaan that she needs to give an ad in newspaper for her work. I want it to mention that the girl should not be made to do household chores. Think her to be like Pragya only. Vardaan asks her what she wants to say. Payal says Pragya had to clean entire house today. Bharpayi wasn’t well and other ladies were busy. Poor Pragya had to do everything on her own. I would have helped her but I had a lot to do.

Pragya asks Teji to help her in wiping the floor. He says yes but then backs off. Your family does not respect me anyways and this will only make things worse for me. She agrees and does not let him help her. He smirks.

Titli and Lucky are talking when Rana tells Lucky they must leave for Patiala in some time for Nationals. Lucky tells Komal about his impending trip. She goes to pack his bags. Titli whispers something in the ears of the girl doing Kamla ji’s facial. She sits down to do Titli’s makeup while Lucky massages Kamla ji’s shoulders. She is surprised as to how the parlour girl got so strong suddenly. Lucky manages some excuses in a muffled voice.

Vardaan joins Pragya and helps her in the household chores. She tells him against it. You are a guy and your respect will decrease this way by doing the work that women do! He asks her which book says so. Ma used to make me do all this at home. Pragya smiles. They do the work together. Payal looks at them from far and smiles.

Titli enters in her room stealthily and makes noise so as to wake Pinki. Pinki is shocked to see Titli ready. Titli pinches her. It isn’t some dream but reality. I saw videos on Youtube and learnt it. Did I do something wrong? Pinki declines. You look really beautiful. I cannot believe that you did this on your own! Titli tells her to make her wear the clothes and jewellery too. Pinki nods.

Lucky finds Komal lost in thoughts. She says I was wondering if I missed out on anything. He thanks her for packing his stuff. She tells him to give his best there. It is your and Babu ji’s dream after all. Don’t worry about anything. I will manage everything. He nods. You are my superwoman. She can smell some fragrance from his hand. He lies to her. I know you packed everything but I feel you are still missing onto something – your memories! Wont you miss me? She replies that he is only going for a few days. It isn’t about months! You will be back soon. She begins to go but he holds her hand. Say it. She says you will stay without me. It isn’t a big issue. He does not let go. She repeats the same lines sadly. They look at each other. Lucky lets go of her hand as she takes Bharpayi’s name. Lucky feels bad as Komal is upset because of him. How to make her understand that I am doing it for some good reason!

Precap: Titli gets ready. Everyone is surprised to see the change in Titli. Ram ji praises Malti ji and Komal for the change in Titli. Kamla ji tells Pinki they must get rid of Badho at any cost! Lucky is emotional as he prays with Komal. I don’t know why I feel as if something is going to happen to you!

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