Begusarai 31st December 2015 Written Update

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Begusarai 31st December 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Begusarai 31st December 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rekha makes Bhushan sit and calms him down. Lakhan cleans the herb’s liquid form the floors and squeezes the sponge back in the glass. Poonam extends her hand to Guddi and takes her to the side. They run from back while everyone is busy with Lakhan.

Poonam says lets go Guddi. Guddi says but where will we go? Poonam says there is my friend in other city.
Dadda ji says now you must have known what will happen in this house. Now Lakhan will make Guddi drink this. He turns back guddi isn’t there. Dadda ji shouts where is Guddi? I wont tolerate this. I will shed lakes of blood. He orders his men to go and look for Guddi. I want her alive. Maya says looked everywhere. She is not in house.
Mitlesh says she played game again. this is poonam’s game. Where is Poonam? Dadda ji says I knew it this is why I was guarding the house. Mitlesh go and find both of them.

Miltesh is in his jeep with men. He asks people for poonam and Guddi.
Poonam and Guddi are running towards the bus station. Mitlesh spots them. They run in other direction. Mitlesh’s men come after Guddi and Poonam but they try to escape. A car comes and stops in front of them. Its Lakhan’s friend. He recalls Lakhan called him and asked to help poonam and Guddi.
poonma says thank Darogha bhaiya. Take us to bus stand. Mitlesh’s car is following them. Guddi says they are coming after us. Poonam says don’t worry everything will be okay.

Darogha stops the car and comes out. Mitlesh asks whom were you taking with you? He says they were my aunt’s daughters. I was taking them to bus stand. Mitlesh comes and uncovers faces of the girls in the car. They are some other girls. Mitlesh says where are Guddi and Poonam. He leaves.

Poonam and Guddi reach bus stand. Poonam covers Guddi’s face. Guddi says what would happen if Lakhan wasn’t there. They recalls Lakhan sending those two women to replace Guddi and Poonam.
Poonam gets Guddi a ticket. She says cover your face and don’t talk to anyone in the bus and take care of yourself. Guddi hugs her and sits in the bus.

Poonam runs from there and hides. Mitlesh says they would use this way to go out of the city. Keep an eye and and I going to bus stand.
Mitlesh comes in and says we have lost guddi. Dadda ji says she must be with poonam. Let me go and see. He is going out. He sees poonam coming in.

Precap-dadda says this is out of control now. He points gun at poonam. Poonam grips the gun. Lakhan says poonam..

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