Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th February 2016 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th February 2016 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th February 2016 Written Episode

The epiosde starts with anita speaking on phone and minal is telling about boyfriend. But batteri dies and anuta is not able to listen. She asks vibhu to give phone. He says his battery is also dead. Anita tells show and sees and battery is full. Anita says why did u lie? Vibhu says because you always finish all the balance of my phone. Anita tells i only gifted you this phone. Vibhu removes the sim card from it and gives phone to anita saying keep this with you and from now on dont give me any gift. Vibhu goes in anger.
He goes down and opens the door and says sometimes anita goes out of limits. There in room anguri gets up from sleep and wlaks in sleep. She goes down. She opens the door and comes on the street. Vibhu looks at her and asks you so late at night? Pelu is in auto and he switches on a song. Anguri stars dancing sensously on it. Vibhu is shocked at this sight. Anguri then goes and sleeps again. Vibhu is shocked and he says oh my god and goes in his room. Tiwari gets up and thinks from where did anguri come now?
At night anita says what happened vibhu? Vibhu does not answer and is in shock. Anita says i am sleeping and you disturbed me and good night.
Next day anguri comes out from house and sings classical song. Vibhu comes and sess this. He says at night she danced on a sensous song and now she is singjng classic music? Vibhu goes near her. Anguri says goodmorning. Vibhu says that what did u do last night? Anguri says slept. Vibhu then says that his heart is asking that he fell in love with her and when she will accept him but she is dancing on such songs and the heart is confused. Anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing. Anguri says you need to do meditation and your eyes look swollen because you have not slept last night. Anguri goes in. Vibhu says how doesnt anguri remember anything?
At anitas home tiwari comes. He sits and anita asks how are you? He says fine. Anita says what work does he have? Tiwari says actually yesterday anguri got up and went down and cane back again and he doesnt know and he is confused. Anita says you are doubting anguri. Tiwari says no. Anita says yes you are doubting her and how can you do this and your wife is well mannered and a good woman and you shoukdnt do this. Tiwari thinks anita is blaming him only and he goes away.
At tea stall tiwari comes and sits. Tika tells him that last week a woman ran away with someone from the other town. Tiwari says so? Tika says keep anguri safe. Tiwari gets up and slaps tika and tells dont say stupid stuff. Happu singh comes and tells tiwari the same thing. Tiwari tells him to stay in limits and look at his own wife. Happu singh tells hiw wife is pregnant and is having 10th child in stomach. Saxena comes and tells that are you kidding me because you always tell everyone that your wife is preganant and that baby is never delivered and in the name of pregnancy you are taking bribe from everyone. Happu singh tells are you making joke of my wife? Saxena says no and that he has made a joke of preganancy and is taking bribe. Happu singh gets up and slaps saxena 3 times. Saxena says i like it and says he wanted a shock from morning and good that he got one and goes.
At night anguri is watching movie on laptop. Tiwari asks what are you doing? Anguri says watching movie. He tells her he will allow her to watch movie if she answers a question he will ask. Anguri says ok. Tiwari asks do u love me? Anguri says yes. Tiwari tells swear on me. Anguri swears on tiwari and goes back to watching the movie. Tiwari says yes anguri cant take a false swear on me and she loves him and is not involved with someone else.

Precap: vibhu asks anguri the name of her favorite. Anguri is about to say but vibhu says dont say tiwari. Anguri says no not tiwari its narayan. Vibhu says is it vibhuti narayan?

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