Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2017 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2017 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Anguri in garden,performing tulsi pooja,Vibhu passing bye says god must be agreeing to every demand of her looking at her innocence,Anguri asks when did you come,Vibhu says just now,but what’s in this cloth,Anguri says this is for my wish Panditji says when fulfilled burry this potli at midnight,Vibhu says so is your wish fulfilled,Anguri says yes,Vibhu says even I have a wish your love,forget it.

Tiwari walks to the, saying I’m hungry and looks at Vibhu saying you always here,
Anguri says don’t forget we have to go bury this potli tonight.Tiwari says I’m least interested,Vibhu says you should be thankful to her and go with her,Tiwari says I’m not jobless like you,Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t worry I will come with you.

Saxena talkling alone
says yes Dadaji we shall meet in half and hour,Anguri asks what are you doing,Saxena says my grand father is very big astrologer and saint i was tellipathing him I shall go and pick him up from railways station now,Vibhu says are you mad,Saxena says no I’m not and leaves,Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t worry I shall see you tonight,Anguri says tiwraiji always do this to me,anyways see you tonight thank you.

Vibhu says on call yes bhabhiji I shall see you down,Anita asks where are you going,Vibhu says just for a stroll,Anita says it’s midnight,Vibhu says bhabhiji wants me to accompany her to burry the potli of her wish fulfillment,Anita asks why you and not tiwariji,Vibhu says he said no and she requested me and so I’m going,Anita says because you are jobless,why isn’t tiwariji going,Vibhu says because he doesn’t love her at all,if you don’t want to i won’t,Anita says no no go,I’m not upset with you but tiwariji,Vibhu says I hate him too,how can he do this to bhabhiji,Anita says okay ,go come soon,Vibhu says I’m not going on a trip,Anita says I didn’t mean that it’s just that I don’t want to be alone.

Vibhu walks to Anguri and says give me a hug,Anguri asks what,Vibhu says let’s leave,look how beautiful is the weather how about ice cream,Anguri says no no let’s bury this,right here,Vibhu says a little ahead,Anguri says no no this place is fine,dig it now,till then I shall chant,Vibhu making a trench says I dreamt of romantic stroll but look,Vibhu finds a gold coin,and hides it in his pocket,Anguri puts potli inside trench,and says now put some soil over and leaves.vibhu says look at her and leaves.

Saxenas grandfather says Tilu you the day you where born your grandfather died but you have good brains but you misuse it and you are a big flirt,Tilu says just tell me about my future,he says you shall dig,Tilu asks what,Saxena says that future shall tell you,tikka says tell something about me and malkhan,grandpa says you are the laziest two here and you two also shall be digging in future,tikka asks but what,Saxena says future will tell you that.

Happu walks to them and asks who is this joker,Saxena says my grandpa,happu says which mental hospital he belongs too,Saxena says shut up he is an saint,he can predict future,happu says oh tell about me too,Saxena says grandpa he is hawaldar,grandpa says I know very well he lives on bribes,he has a pregnant wife and eight babies,happu says no no I have nine babies,grandpa says only eight of them are yours,happu gets a call from his wife and he leaves scolding her.

Vibhu walks to them,malkhan says ask him fast we know that your present is useless let’s see your future,Vibhu says run away,all three leave,Vibhu says Saxena I want to talk to uncle alone,Saxena says sure and leaves,grandpa says I know you are jobless,and leave on your wives earnings and under lot of loans but there is one thing you will soon find a treasure,Vibhu says god really,grandpa says yes gold coins diamonds,Vibhu remembers finding one and asks like this,grandpa says yes,the house ahead yours there’s a big room,you shall find one under,Vibhu asks how will I dig there,grandpa says that’s your problem,Vibhu says I shall dig,grandpa says go.

Tiwari and Anguri visits Anita,Anita says today Tiwari couple together how come,Tiwari says I bore you alone I thought let’s do it together,Anita says she never bores me,Anguri says thank you,Anita says relax I’m joking,tell me,Anguri says I have an issue my whole house is leaking,even bedroom,Vibhu walks in saying you can use ours,anita says that would be so uncomfortable for them,let’s get them a repairer,Vibhu says no baby,that wouldn’t convenient for now it’s raining,let them shift with us now,Tiwari says yes we would love too,Anguri says no no let’s not trouble them,Vibhu says not at all come we are waiting.

Anita says Vibhu our privacy,Vibhu says listen to me look at this,Anita says wow gold coin,Vibhu says so do you want more,I find this last night,Anita says stop buttering and influencing me,Vibhu says we will find more at Tiwari house,a baba told me,Anita asks who baba,Vibhu says Saxena grandpa,Anita says he is mad how his grandpa will be,Vibhu says no he is a saint,he told me about this,so the plan is let them stay here,you keep them busy and I shall get the coins,Anita says we had dug our whole house last time,it didn’t work,Vibhu says that plan was yours,this is mine,Anita says if you are so confident let’s go ahead with it,baby soon you will have 1000 such coins.

Pre cap : Tiwari says bhabhiji why milk and all this formality,Vibhu says I made with Great effort,Tiwari says you don’t look sweet at all but today you are.
Tikka malkhan and Tilu ask Vibhu,we are digging Tiwari house,why and till when,Vibhu says there’s no limit and if you want money just keep on.

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