Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st July 2013 Written Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st July 2013 Written Update by Sonali

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st July 2013 Written Episode


Chitrashi thinks to herself who locked the door from outside. Kanhaiya says he is going to get ready for police station and starts moving ahead. Sona too Moves and Sonaiya strucks to each other resulting in disbalancing and Sona falling in kanhaiya’s arms. Kanhaiya holds Sona in his arms and they had an eyelock. Sunaina feels happy and Chitrashi gets angry and says that she is going to prepare breakfast and this makes Sonaiya come back to reality and they adjust themselves. Kanhaiya moves out making an excuse and Sona does same. Sunaina says to herself that She won’t let Chitrashi seperate Sona and Kanhaiya as she will stand as a pillar to safeguard their relation. Next everyone at dining hall and Sunaina asks Sona to keep the teej pooja tomorrow since she is the only married woman in the house. Sona gives a look to Chitrashi and she feels bad. Kanhaiya feels happy from inside and the brothers feels bad. Sunaina keeps on saying that the festival of teej has always been special for them and even last year she celebrated with all her 4 bahus and there were so many women in house and together they have cleared so many problems. Kanhaiya smiles and looks at Sona and remembers all their past moments when mummyji scolds Sona but Sona says that its a saas-bahu relation, they together making arrangements for havan and their many happy moments. Sona sees kanhaiya looking at her and gives a gaze. Sunaina feels happy and Chitrashi angry. Sona suddenly feels Vomiting and goes to washroom. Sunaina comes and says that Sona is pregnant. Sona remains Stunned and says this can’t happen.


Sunaina asks Sona as how can she be so sure and Sona tells her that she and kanhaiya still have not started their married life. Sona says that firstly they wanted to understand each other and when they thought of starting their married life then they were puzzled with kanhaiya’s childhood and family issues. Sunaina understands. Chitrashi hears everything from near the door and decides to use this matter for her benefit. Next Sona and Sunaina comes down the stairs and Chitrashi happily asks for Sona’s health and that she will arrange for the sweets as Sona is pregnant. Sona, Sunaina and kanhaiya gets Shocked and Siddheshwar feels very happy and Congratulates kanhaiya and asks him to forgive Sona now as she is going to make him a father. Kanhaiya denies and says it Can’t happen. Siddheshwar asks what he mean to say and Chitrashi says that Sona and kanhaiya had a long time to marriage so whats wrong in expecting a kid. Kanhaiya remains silent and Sona comes forward and tells Siddheshwar that she and kanhaiya have not started their married life yet. Siddheshwar gets surprized and asks Sonaiya and Sunaina to come to his room. Sona feels bad and looks at Kanhaiya. Chitrashi gets happy as its time for Sona to give the answers.


Siddheshwar says that in past Sona tried killing Chitrashi and that time it was Kanhaiya’s decision to let Sona leave the house and says thanks to Sunaina for saving the moment otherwise people could have got oppurtunity to badmouth them. Siddhesh says that Sonaiya are still not 1 which means that their relation lacks something and he is no one to enter between personal matters to husband and wife but if wants to know why Sonaiya didn’t started their married life yet. Sona kanhaiya feels bad and kanhaiya tries saying but stops. Siddheshwar says that he wants a child from them who can take care of his throne and if they can’t give it so its better that kanhaiya get seperate from Sona and accept Chitrashi as his wife. Sona had tears in her eyes and Chitrashi who hears this smiles. Sona at terrace cries thinking of Siddheshwar’s words and Chitrashi comes with evil smile and asks When Sona is going to leave the house and laughts that Sonaiya still do not had their SR. Sona says she will not let anyone come in between her and kanhaiya and she will successfully complete her relation with kanhaiya and teej pooja. Chitrashi also challenges that he will keep teej fast for kanhaiya and will make sure Kanhaiya breaks her fast. In the room Sona gets irritated as how Chitrashi can fast for kanhaiya as only she is kanhaiya’s wife. Sunaina asks Sona not to get worry as lord shiv and parvati will bless Sonaiya and their life and Chitrashi will not be able to complete her fast. Sona agrees. Episode ends

PRECAP At dining table kanhaiya looks at Sona and asks her to take breakfast. Sunaina tells kanhaiya that Sona had kept teej fast for him. Chitrashi comes there. Kanhaiya says no need to fast for him. Sona and Sunaina feels bad.

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