Jeannie Aur Juju 3rd December 2012 Written Update

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Jeannie Aur Juju 3rd December 2012 Written Update by xSisi94

Jeannie Aur Juju 3rd December 2012 Written Episode

Episodee starts with Jeannie at Officeee meeting jujus best friend
Juju friends try tooo say his namee but he forgot it
Jeannie asking him out for dinner
Jeannie says sooo 8 o clock will see yooou thereee and she leaves

He is leaving happy tooo vicky hugging him …
he say that he is in lovee vicky say i can seee it i know minee best friend
he say tooo proposee her and say I lovee yooou

we see now Vicky coming downstair and calling Jeannie he say i havee too go too minee dinner jeannie comes and he seees her all dressed up he ask her where she i going she says dinner he says i cant takee yooou. she say i am going with yooour friend juju say who?? she say yoour best friend why areee yooou asking?? why do yoou care who i am meeting he says i dont. she says bye i am going tooo minee boyfriend( lol is he already her boyfriend that was fast)

Jeannie meets veelu (dont know how yoou write his namee) at restaurant priya and vicky aree alsoo coming tooo the samee restaurant

they see them priya says tooo veela how can hee datee her she was vicky cook and
disgusting, he ask her if it true she say ear yoou soup its becoming cold but priya doesnt likeee it and ask veela too comee with her
Juju ask what are yooou doing her with veelu …
she ask if he is jealous he says noo why should i be Jealous but next timeee yooou dont go with him jeannie is happy
priya says she is goood girl why aree yooou dating her veelu says thank yoou priya for beeing a good friend thinking about me
Jeannie looking at Veelu and he forgot everything again
veelu says tooo jeannie last leaveee jeannie goes with him she says juju will defenitly doo something now
veelu takee jeannie tooo his housee
he ask her how is minee houseee looking and how am i looking she says both goood

episodeee ends jeannie thinking where is juju why did he comeee…

Precaps: showing Juju and jeannie juju say i dont caree with how yoou will havee dinner i never will get Jealous
he says he will goo dinner with priya and enjoy
door bell priya coming upset why did yoou comee yoou would comee tooo restaurant remember

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