Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th March 2018 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Namrata saying I wanted to know if Lord gave any signs. Gauri says no. Rahul says we have to find the shivlings, Yashpal is also trying, come. Gauri shows the lorry. Rahul asks them to sit in the car fast. Rudra drives towards them. Rahul starts the car and races. They get tensed. Rudra follows them. Rahul flees away. His car stops. Namrata asks what happened. Rahul says car isn’t starting. He checks the car and says I will find water to cool it down. Namrata says we will come along. They go in jungle and find some smoke. Garudi does some puja. Rahul sees her. Namrata sees the shivling. Gauri says Lord has made us reach this shivling. Namrata’s phone rings. She goes to attend. Garudi hears the sound and comes to them.

She makes Rahul and Gauri faint and gets

revengeful. She drags them to kill. Namrata talks to Seth ji and asks are you still following me. He says your time is ending tomorrow. She laughs and takes his threatening light. She threatens to kill him. He says I m not any villager or your dad that you can kill me, you can’t do anything. She says sixth shivling is in front of me. He says yes, but you don’t have it, my man will get it, find other shivling. Namrata sees Rahul and Gauri unconscious and caught by Garudi.
Garudi does some tantra. Her husband stops her and says leave these innocent children, you can’t kill them, stop. Namrata shouts stop. Rudra comes and kicks her away. She says I won’t leave you, you created hurdle in my puja, not this time. She gets some powder. He throws it on her. Her face burns by it. She faints. Namrata asks Rahul and Gauri to get up. Garudi’s husband runs with Shivling. Rudra and Namrata follow him. Namrata hides from Rudra. Garudi’s husband takes lift from a lorry. Rudra runs after the lorry and misses. He gets his lorry and follows him. Gauri gets a dream of some school boys seeing shivlings and taking it in their bags. She sees Namrata threatening Lakhan and throwing a knife at him. Gauri wakes up. Rahul asks her did she see any bad dream. She sees police. He says Garudi died, her husband is missing, shivling is not here, don’t know where did Namrata go. Yashpal says thank God you got conscious, what happened here. Gauri says this woman fainted us and chanted mantras, then I don’t remember.

The man says this ashes were used to faint them. Yashpal asks how did she die. The man says she died by same ashes. Yashpal says why would she put ashes on herself. Namrata says lorry driver has done this. Yashpal says he threatened me too, who is he. Namrata says we don’t know, he works for Seth ji, he got after me, I saved my life and came here. Yashpal says who is Seth ji. She gives his lorry number. Yashpal says I m sure its fake number, any ways we will find him and Seth ji. Rahul talks to him. Namrata asks what happened Gauri, did you see any dream again, tell me, did you see me. Gauri says yes, I have seen you running after Lakhan and throwing a knife at him. Namrata gets shocked and thinks she has seen a lot.

Rahul says you should have told this to me last night. Rahul messages Yashpal. Yashpal rushes.

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