Kalash 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Kalash 30th November 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Kalash 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
All family members ask Sakshi to open door of her room? Savitri taunts that first she lost her dignity herself and now acting all this, Devika ask Ravi to do something and bring Sakshi out of room, all are tensed if Sakshi takes any drastic step in room, they knock door, Sakshi comes out after changing her bridal dress, dressed in plain dress, all look at her tensed, Sakshi silently leaves from there, Devika ask Pallavi to go behind Sakshi, she goes. Devika consoles Rekha and ask her to not cry, Rekha says how will Sakshi handle herself, Devika says we have to handle ourselves first to handle Sakshi, she goes to bring water for her.
Manju says to Monty’s mother that Savitri said so much ill words to me, Monty’s mother says you deserve it.
Saket and Navi comes in venue, Saket thinks how he can take moty’s letter which he wrote from Ravi’s pocket. Ravi thinks that how this all happened? how i couldnt understand monty’s aim, i cant see Devika in so much pain, i have to do something. Ravi comes in hall and ask who saw Monty last? Monty’s father says i saw him near mandir but then he was lost. Ravi says i will call him, he calls on Monty’s mobile and it rings in Saket’s pocket, Saket thinks that he is gone now, all suspiciously looks at Saket. Ravi stares Saket, Saket ends call from Monty’s phone in pocket and switches it off and brings out his phone and acts like his phone was ringing, he acts he got call from his employee and talks to him, he ends call and says i will call Monty, Ravi calls Monty again but its switched off, Ravi goes from there, Saket thinks that i got saved, i have to take letter from Ravi’s pocket.
Ravi is trying to call Monty again, Saket comes to him and sees letter in his sherwani pocket, he puts hand near pocket but Ravi stares him so he moves back, Ravi sees letter in his pocket and brings it out, he is about to read it but Navi comes there and bangs into him, letter falls from his hands, Saket diverts Ravi’s attention meanwhile Navi changes letter with another paper and gives it to Ravi, she leaves with original letter.
Saket comes to Navi and says you are clever too, he takes letter from her and puts in pocket, Navi says this is only proof against you so destroy it, Saket says good idea, he burns it, Devika comes there and ask why did you burn Monty’s letter? Both are tensed, Navi says Manju asked me to burn it, she was afraid that your family may use it against Monty and her family, can file case against them, Devika says my family can never do this, Navi says i know but you are part of Manju’s family too so you should understand their point of view too, whatever happened had to happen and we cant do much about it, Devika says i know nothing can happen now, my family has broke down, i have sacrificed everything for this marriage, Saket ask what did you sacrifice? Devika says nothing important, i meant to say that i made many efforts for this marriage, she leaves, Saket thanks Navi for saving him again, Navi says i dont like to save you again and again, from next time, fight your fights alone, she leaves, Saket thinks what sacrifice devika was talking about?

Scene 2
Savitri comes to Ravi and ask why you and your mother are hell bent to insult us? you brought Monty’s proposal to our house, if you couldnt do this marriage then why did you bring proposal? or was it your trick to degrade us? you are cheap person, i shouldnt have allowed you in my house, first you married DEvika with cheating and now your brother left Sakshi at halt, DEvika comes and says why are you saying all this to Ravi? he tried to save respect of Sakshi by this proposal, Savitri says dont take his side, i dont wanna see his face, Devika says you dont know how nice human Ravi is, he is great son and son in law, he takes care of everyone, he is great husband and i wont let anyone insult him, Ravi is stunned listening all this, Savitri says you trust him but i wont come in his talks, she leaves, DEvika says to Ravi that dont mind Savitri’s words, anyone can say anything but i know you are not responsible for all this, i completely trust you, dont mind her words, Ravi nods, Devika starts leaving, Maine Khud ko song plays, Devika turns, looks at Ravi who is looking at her too, Devika leaves.
Ravi thinks that Monty was tensed but he cant take any step to hurt us, he is very innocent, there is someone who provoked Monty thats why he took such drastic step, Monty cant leave Sakshi at halt, who can provoke him? who? he recalls how Saket was smirking, how Saket use to meet Monty earlier, he says its seems like Saket planned all this and he has hidden Monty definitely.
Pallavi comes to Sakshi and ask her to control herself, its not your fault, we all are with you, you can cry but dont be silent, Sakshi says everything is finished, my life is destroyed, Pallavi says no nothing can happen with you, you are not at fault.
Ravi comes to Saket, Ravi ask Saket to take him to place where he have hidden Monty, Saket says why would i hide Monty anywhere? Ravi says because you want to bring misunderstanding in my and Devika’s relation, you want Devika to hate me and you used my innocent brother for all this, tell me where is Monty? take me to Monty, Saket says i dont know where is he, Saket says why are you blaming me, you dont have any proof against me, i want to break your relation with DEvika but why would i hurt Devika? your brother is at mistake, i didnt do anything, Monty did all this on his own.

PRECAP- Manju checks property papers and doesnt find Devika’s sign on it, Devika says its good that i didnt sign property papers, Manju is shocked listening this. Devika hugs Ravi and breakdowns, she cries in his arms.

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