Kasam 30th June 2017 Written Update

Kasam 30th June 2017 Written Update by Sona

Kasam 30th June 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi comes to his room and is miffed. Tanu comes there and says are you miffed with me that I didnt allow you to go with Natasha? Abhi says to Tanu that I told you to never come inbetween me and Natasha, our deal was to never interfere in each others life but there was no such deal for Natasha, Tanu looks on, Tanu says you said you dont like her dropping her at school, Abhi says yes I dont like it because I have to drop her there, I love Natasha, she rules my heart and I just want to spend some time with her, is that okay? she nods, he says should I change infront of you? she says no I am leaving, she scrambles away.

Natasha and Abhi gets ready for basketball match. Tanu says you are ready, you do wanna go? Natasha says I am going to win, Abhi says you are the best. Natasha says I will
make everyone lose, lets go baba, Tanu says one minute, take care of Natasha, she shouldnt get hurt, Abhi mimics her and leaves with Natasha.

Rishi says to Tanya that you are my daughter and nobody can make you lose. Rishi puts imaginary tikka on Tanya’s head, she touches his feet, they leave for school too.

Rishi brings Tanya to school. Natasha strikes with Rishi, she says say all the best, he says all the best, whats your name? Natasha says my name is Natasha, Rishi says I will call you cutie pie, Natasha says blue team is going to lose, she leaves. He says no blue is going to win.

Basketball match starts, Tanya and Natasha are announced as captain, they huff at each other. Abhi and Rishi are cheering for them. Match starts, Tanya tries to score basket but Natasha snatches it from her hands, Tanya says this is cheating, Abhi dances, Natasha’s team score, Rishi says this is cheating. Abhi says great move princess. Rishi and Abhi sees each other, both says you here? Rishi says she is your daughter? your daughters knows how to cheat like you, Abhi says she is a winner like me. Tanya and Natasha fights for ball, blue team score a goal, Rishi gives Tanya hi-five. Natasha scores next and dances, Abhi hugs her. Abhi comes in basketball court, he lifts Natasha and makes her score goal. Rishi come sin court too and lifts Tanya to make her score goal, Abhi and Rishi starts shouting and bickering, teacher asks peon to take them out. Natasha says to Tanya that your papa is cheater, Tanya says you are cheater. Teacher comes there and screams for them stop it, they stop, teacher says this is kids game and you people in this age is making them fight for victory? just let them play like a game and not like a war, Abhi says sorry, Rishi says his mistake but sorry. Abhi murmurs loser, Rishi murmurs cheater, they leave with their daughters.

Abhi and Natasha are in car, Tanu call, Abhi says you talk to her. Natasha takes call and says in heavy that I am AK talking, Tanu says your mama is not stupid Natasha, did you get hurt in match? Natasha says I am fine, Tanu says give phone to Abhi, he takes it. Tanu says did Natasha win? it doesnt matter if she won or not, we should throw party for her, Abhi says ofcourse we won, lets have party, I will talk later, he ends call and have sigh of relief. Natasha says you lied to her, she will find out soon and when she knows what you did in school then she will kill you, Abhi says you will save me from your mom, Natasha says I will save you as you are scared of mom, now I have to do something.

Scene 2
Naitra is waiting for Rishi and Tanya, Naitra says I am worried, Ahana says I will come. Rano says you know Rishi fought with some girl’s father. Rishi and Tanya comes there, Naitra runs to Tanya and asks if she is fine? Tanya says I am fine, Beeji says school calls to complain about kids but we hear father’s complain, Rano says you fought infront of kids? Tanya says my friends will laugh at me, Ahana hugs her and says lets go eat something, she leaves. Rishi says I had a fight but I dont want to talk about it, he leaves, Rano says when he will stop being childish?

Rano comes to Naitra, Naitra wipes her tears, Rano asks why are you crying? Naitra says Rishi didnt want to marry me but I accepted his daughter, He didnt love me but gave me friendship but I didnt everything, I feel incomplete, Rano says dont cry, look Rishi will understand your pain soon, I thought Rishi will forget Tanuja, Naitra says Tanuja is still in our lives. Ahana is standing on door and is hearing them. Rano asks if she saw Tanuja? Naitra says yes, I thought Rishi have met her but when I asked Rishi if he met her so he started asking where I saw her so I lied and said that I didnt see her but till when they wont meet? first you saw her and now I saw her, soon Rishi will see her and leave me, then he will go to her. Ahana is hearing all this and is very happy, she leaves. Rano says Tanuja is in city but didnt meet Rishi, it means she have found more rich person than Rishi, just take care of rishi and your daughter.

Ahana comes in mandir and says I always used to think where Tanuja might be but I am happy that she is happy, why didnt I see her? where should I find her? yes in Tanya’s school, I will go to Tanya’s school, God just make me see her once.

Abhi and Natasha comes home, Tanu hugs her and says my winner girl, I am so happy, she makes Natasha close her eyes and brings gift, she says its from you and papa, Natasha opens it. Abhi gets calls from Natasha’s school, principal says i want to talk to Natasha’s mom, Abhi says I am Natasha’s grandfather, Rishi started all that. Principal says how do you know everything? Abhi says I know everything, I am the best father in the world.. Principal says so you are her father and not grandfather? Abhi stammers yes, Principal says I am warning you, you cant come to Natasha’s school from now on, her mom will come and I will talk to her, she ends call, Abhi says I am gone if Tanu knows truth. Abhi comes to Tanu and says I have decided to pick and drop Natasha to school from now on. Natasha comes there and says I have got teddy, my teddy’s name is Mr. Handsome, Tanu says but you dont like him? Natasha says he is not only handsome, Abhi says your papa is no less, Tanu says Abhi is jealous hen, Abhi says yes I a hen, he runs behind Natasha like hen, they leave.

Beeji comes to Rishi and says the girl whose father you fought, you should say sorry to that girl, Rishi says who cutie pie? she says wow you gave her cute name? Rishi says she is very sweet but when I see her father, I feel like he is devil, I feel like he will snatch something important from me, he wants to takeover my company, Beeji says when someone tries to snatch things from you then you have to find out their strength and strength is family, you should find out about his family and know his weakness and strength then you will be able to make him lose, Rishi says you are right, I just know his name and business but now I have to find out his weakness.

PRECAP- Rishi says to himself that my heart is beating very fast today so it means you have come from Tanuja to me, he looks at jewelry piece with love. Tanuja have same jewelry piece in her hand and misses Rishi too.

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