Kasam 30th September 2016 Written Update

Kasam 30th September 2016 Written Update by Sona

Kasam 30th September 2016 Written Episode

In the room, Rano comes to Rishi. Rishi tells Rano that he wants to move on, and live a happy life for her and Raaj. Rano asks if that lady was talking about Tannu’s reincarnation. Rishi nods. Rano says she knew Neha and Bani won’t stay silent, they sent Tanuja as Tannu to play with his emotions. Even this Tanuja is shameless, she won’t leave them now as it was her mistake to let them stay here. Rishi tells Rano not to walk filthy path, she must relax and let them go. Rano says they need to show them Tannu’s face is no more his weakness. Rishi insists in his heart, she would always be there. Rano tells him to keep her inside his heart, she wants him to forget his past, not Tannu. He must move on in life. Rishi was frustrated, Rano says alright; he must keep Tannu’s memories in his heart but
not to bring them to his face as many like Bani and Neha would take an opportunity from it. Rishi smiles that Rano accepted after so many years that Tannu is in his heart. Rano insists on him to move on in his life now. Rishi takes Rano to select his dress for him, Rano tells him to do this with his wife. Rishi says till his wife comes, she has to do this. Rano was in disbelief, Rishi asks if every girl in world is ready to marry him. He leaves for a bath, Rano cheers and was determined to get the best girl in the world for her.
Neha gets a call from Sandy, he inquires about everyone and Tanuja and was concerned about Neha’s silence. He asks if her bandage was removed. Neha tells Sandy she is fine. Sandy asks her to speak to Tanuja, Neha says she went out with her friends. He then asks for Tanuja’s phone number, Neha makes up that doctor has forbidden her to keep a mobile as her face would get melted. Neha assures him to let him speak to Tanuja. Sandy then asks about Neha, and forgives her for all that she has done as she took care of Tanuja. But if she commits a mistake once again, he would take her life. Neha panics.
Rano walks downstairs, Manpreet and Malaika were playing with each other as Manpreet was trying to snatch Chintoo’s gift off her hands. Raaj defends Malaika. Rano thinks that Malaika is the perfect girl for Rishi. Malaika calls her downstairs searching her gift. Rano looks towards Malaika with a smile, in a trance. Raaj was happy that when Rano is happy, everyone at home is tension free. Rano takes Malaika to guest room.
In the room, Bani comes to Neha. Neha informs Bani that Sandy called her, he was inquiring about Tanuja but she didn’t tell him anything. Sandy has warned her to kill her if she commits another mistake. Bani was fearless of Sandy anymore. She appreciates Neha for not telling Sandy about Tanuja, but Neha was still afraid how Sandy would react when he come to know she made Tanuja leave the house.
In the room, Rano shows Malaika her room. Malaika was happy being in India. Rano wonders if she must directly ask Malaika if she would marry Rishi, she wish Malaika doesn’t has a boyfriend. Malaika had opened the window, and says she has fallen in love with this weather, room and place. Rano helps her unpack her bag. She compliments her dress, and asks if her boyfriend…? Bee ji comes there showing Malaika that on internet reincarnation is a truth. Malaika assures it definitely happens. Rano sends Bee ji away as reincarnation is really true. Malaika compliments that Bee ji is just like a child. Rano also compliments her. Malaika says till today only her boyfriends have complimented her. Rano digests the word ‘boyfriends’ and asks how many she had, Malaika poses to count then laughs she didn’t have many. Ahana comes with juice for Malaika, Rano was conscious not to let Ahana know about it. Malaika tells Ahana that Rano was inquiring about her boyfriends. Rano makes up that it was just a joke, and sends Ahana to see the lunch. Rano locks the door from behind, she was angry that no one is allowing them to speak. She asks Malaika if she has some boyfriend who prepares juice for her. Malaika says no one’s there. Malaika agrees that no one is like Rishi, Rishi can’t belong to anyone as he already belongs to someone. She walks towards the window, trying to avoid eye contact with Rano. Rano was concerned if she is crying, Malaika sadly says Rishi still belongs to Tannu. Rano says she shares the same relation with Malaika as Raaj had with Tannu, she insists on Malaika to share with her. Malaika tells Rano she fall in love with Rishi when she came to India six years earlier.

PRECAP: Malaika was driving the car and hits Tanuja.

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  1. Sadeq
    October 02, 17:57 Reply

    They are showing love triangle in kumkum bhagya from starting and i wish in kasam her role is only 2 ,3 Months Not like meri aashiqui tumse .plzzzz

  2. Sadeq
    October 02, 17:52 Reply

    Ekta make kasam typical ekta show . NOW The show is become like Meri Aashiqui Tumse hi stupid Storyline Love Triangle I hate this love tringle … i didn’t accpect this from Kasam but this is ekta show and Ekta show they will definatly show stupid Love triangle (P.c : Ekta ke har show mai love traingle jaroor hota hai like kumkum bhagya , meri Aashiqui tumse hi , Kalash , yeh hai mohbbatien and Now my favriote Kasam i am very upset with this track and i know ekta yeh track ni khatam hone vala 1 saal se pehle.I hate this girl smriti yar since Meri Aashiqui days i know her character full of Negative .Dis track in kumkum bhagya frm 1 and half year and nw in kasam nt again.

  3. ALI
    October 02, 17:46 Reply

    like kasam seasone 1 They show Neha behind rishi money but Now smriti is behind Rishi . I hate this track.

  4. abtesam
    October 02, 17:12 Reply

    neda . Same feeling I also not like malaika track

  5. neda
    October 02, 16:51 Reply

    hate Rano because she alway opposed the joys and happy boy.
    God all mankind to Away of suchMother like Rano.
    hate malika . sadeq is right. beacuse with heratrack malika show is boring and this show is becoming flop day by day.plzzz we only want see sharad ’s andkratika’s love chemistry.

  6. saeid
    October 02, 14:59 Reply

    malaika hits by the car of tanuja and tanuja closer to her flashback she calls rishi and fallen on the road.peoples are blame malaika for the accident and then she bring her to hospital and rishi knows to malaika hits someone and then he knows malaika hits tanuja and malaika know tanuja had no family and house for live and then she bring her to Bedi’s house…and then upcoming is u r interesting to watch kasamterepyaarki 10:00pm only on

  7. sbrieh
    October 02, 11:29 Reply

    Finally positive news maliaka to reunite rishi nd tanuja :guys is this news true?
    هل هذا خبر صحیح أم لا؟خبر:أن شخصیت ملیکا لیست سیئة وتساعد ریشی و تانوجا فی أتحادهما؟
    . لکن أنا لاأدری أرجو من الله
    .أن یکون خبر صحیحاً
    أنا ما أظن ذلک .أظن أن شخصیت ملیکا سیئة

  8. bpj
    October 02, 01:35 Reply

    ekta plz try to change the attire according to post leap…please and one more thing plz try to avoid triangle love story audience may not show interest in such type of tracks..

  9. bpj
    October 02, 01:34 Reply

    we want only tanshi love story nothing else no triangle love story it’s purely rishi tanu tanshi lovestory only plzzzzz Ekta mam don’t ruin the story of kasam it’s request

  10. Sadeq
    October 02, 01:27 Reply

    Woh kasam jo #Tanshi ke bina aduri hai..tanshi ke nok jhok ke bina adhuri hai, tanshi ke pyaar ke bina adhuri hai..
    Rishi ke pagalpan ke bina adhuri hai
    Kasam is all adura without this all..

  11. harir
    October 02, 01:24 Reply

    Srsly sadeq Very true .. ab aisa lagta hai k hum kasam nahi kuch aur hii dekh rahe hai .. love story nahi koi pakau typical daily soap dekh rahe hai aisa lag raha hai plzz @sharadmalhotra009 writers ko bolo k humain purana wala kasam ka magic nahi dikh raha hai . Main aapki aur kasam ki Bohat Badi fan hu ? Isliye main kasam ko flop hote hue nahi dekh sakti .. @kratikalove @colorstv @salilsand @ekmainaurektu7 plzzzzz do something humain tanshi ki chemistry unka pyaar rishi ka paglapan apni tanu k liye ye sab dekhna ha

  12. Sadeq
    October 02, 01:22 Reply

    Really kasam kya that aur inhone kya bans diya they have do something really soon otherwise kasam will go out of top 10

  13. sbrieh
    October 01, 17:00 Reply

    makers plzzz use chmstry krasha because they have a great chmstry till kasam be top and trp go rise. plzzzz.
    أرجوکم استفید من چمستری کراشا(کراتیکا و شاراد )لان چمستریهما کبیر و العالم کلهم یحبونهم . وسوف المسلسل فی المرکز فوق أکثر .من فضلکم

  14. Sadeq
    October 01, 16:43 Reply

    by track malika show is boring and this show is becoming flop day by day. and if donot go rise . and cause writers because the story line is weak and not actors why that sharad n kratika are Wonderful actors n theri acting is awesome.plzzz yesa mat kro … Rishi & tanu (tanuja) are made for each other ye malaika bich me kese ????

  15. jasem
    October 01, 12:26 Reply

    We want kratu smile on this show.

  16. harir
    October 01, 11:03 Reply

    serial is Very slow I hope the scenes be more quick to not bore viewers

  17. bpj
    October 01, 00:06 Reply

    draging the serial without any reason.plsss unite tanuja and rishi

  18. vafa
    September 30, 22:56 Reply

    I just luv chmstry kratika and sharad cause I watch serial kasam. and cause also waite for see their magic in romac.

  19. fatemeh
    September 30, 21:48 Reply


  20. karaj
    September 30, 21:24 Reply

    waiting for the day to see Tanshi moments.

  21. sbrieh
    September 30, 19:57 Reply

    ekta kapoor you said that love tanshi like love milan . so you prove it .

  22. wendy
    September 30, 19:54 Reply

    Pls @ekmainaurektu7 don’t repeat the story of meri ashiqui. dis is not meri ashiqui @ekmainaurektu7 ..dis is kasam..so plz.. ☺

  23. charles
    September 30, 18:58 Reply

    yah Sadeq . Really want to watch tanuja’s and rishi’s love chemistry 🙁 and also we all want to see u more

  24. Sadeq
    September 30, 15:56 Reply

    I cnnot leave drama bcus I luv chmstry krasha . n just waite for memonet magic romanc them n theirunited

  25. Sadeq
    September 30, 15:53 Reply

    No plz pawan nhi per there should be a man who love tanuja from child hood and he should be her best frnd bhht jealous ho ga rishi need big dose

  26. Sadeq
    September 30, 13:24 Reply

    they are repeating the same shit of meri ashqui in kasam ? and now this show is becoming flop day by day.lzzz yesa mat kro … Rishi & tanu (tanuja) are made for each other ye malaika bich me kese ????

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