Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Written Update by Atiba

Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shravani says to Nakky that Aryan keep roaming around helping useless people, i have to sell this house. Nakku says this house? its related to Aryan’s childhood memories, Shravani says so what? she asks nakku to furnish house, i dont want bidders to think that we are selling house because of less money, auction will start soon, go now, Nakku leaves. Shravani thinks that i married Aryan for money, i will get money by some method.
In market, people see spark in electricity wires, they ask for help. Aryan comes there and climbs ladder to stop spark, all ask them to not go, Tamre says why you put life in danger? Aryan says my life has already gone in fire, i dont need to live, if death is near then it should come to me, i want to burn down like my Aradhya too. Aryan starts
cutting off wires which has spark. He recalls his moments with Aradhya. Aradhya’s car arrives in market, Aaba and Aradhya looks out and see people looking at sparks on electric pole. aaba asks driver to go and see. driver goes, one beggar asks Aradhya for money, driver sees Aryan checking electric pole. Aradhya comes out of car and gives money to beggar, she tries to see Aryan’s face but he is behind pole. Driver comes to Aaba and says one mad man is playing with electricity. Aryan dozes off spark, all clap for him, Tamre thanks him. Aryan comes down from pole turns away from Aradhya. Aradhya wipes her forehead with towel, but towel slips from her hands and falls away. Otherside Aryan wipes his forehead with towel and his towel slips away from his hands too. Both towels land near each other on cart. Aradhya and Aryan moves closer to pick it, they pick towel but doesnt see each other, Aryan sniffs towel and feels something, Tu hai ka nahi plays. Aryan turns and doesnt find his towel so he goes with Aradhya’s towel and Aradhya goes with Aryan’s towel. Aradhya sits in car, Aaba says you cant go out here like this, Aradhya says Krishnavati’s smell got to me, i couldnt help myself.
Shravani scolds servants and says you people are useless for salary, Nakku says we didnt get salary for last two months, Shravani says once this house is auctioned then i will clear your debts and will throw you people out. Nakku says we dont want to live here too. Shravani comes to Aradhya and Tulsi’s photos and says i feel like throwing these photos in bin but being scared of Aryan, i cant do it, she asks Nakku to put some cheap garland on their photos, my husband doesnt care if this house is sold but all he is worried about is that these photos remain here, if i didnt love Aryan then i would have left him way back.
In mandir, Banwari and Markand are doing pooja. One man comes to them and says baba do something and make my poor state go away, he gives them money, Banwari says only 10rs? Markand says atleat give 100rs, he gives it and tries to take 10rs back, Markand says how dare you take money from mandir? God will punish you, man says sorry, just bless me baba, Banwari says you are blessed, man leaves. Banwari says if i knew you this business will work out well then i wouldnt have worked for Kumudini, we are getting 300000 per month, Markand says i was thinking to go to Kumudini’s house, her house is being auctioned, i feel like burning Shravani, Banwari says this is kalyug, bad people dont die here, see Kumudini, she is greedy, strict, trick master but nothing happened to her, be a baddie and live happily. Kumudini comes there and says i searched for bad person but when i looked in my heart, no one was bad than me, Banwari says we should know lines like that, it will be good for baba business, Markand says we should take her as partner, she is mad and people like to worship mads. Markand says your house is getting auctioned, Kumudini says i will give all money to Aradhya and will make whole village eat food, she says baba say some mantra so that Aradhya comes back, you need money? they nod, Kumudini shows pocket knife and says if you dont say mantra then i will cut your tongue, say mantra .for 108times in five minutes, i will show you how, she starts chanting Krishna’s mantras.

Scene 2
Aradhya sees mandir and says stop car. Aaba says no, if anyone sees you and doubt you then everything will go bad, we will come to mandir at night, Aradhya says dont worry, i will just pay visit from far, Aaba givesher glasses to hide her face a little, Aradhya wears it and comes out of car. Inside Mandir, Kumudini is praying and suddenly feel Aradhya’s presence, she turns around and starts dancing happily, she asks Banwari and Markand to dance too, God said that my Aaru will come, Banwari and Markand starts dancing. Aradhya comes to Mandir’s gate, she prays from outside only, Kumudini feels Aradhya’s presence and says she has come, Aaru has come. She turns and sees Aradhya going from there, Aradhya has back towards her, she says my laadoba, she runs and sees one girl standing outside mandir, she hugs her and says my aaru, where did you do? Girl pushes her away and says leave me, Kumudini says you are not my aaru, go away. kumudini is confused as she felt Aradhya’s presence.
shravani sees that its auction time. She is tensed and calls manager saying haveli is ready, manager says some big party is coming to see haveli, she says okay. Aryan comes there and sees auction board, he stares Shravani, Shravani says we didnt have any other way, we have to sell this Haveli, your childhood memories are here, if you start working at factory then i will stop this auction, Aryan says sell this house, Shravani says you dont care? Aryan says do auction of all things, Shravani says but your memories are with this house, Aryan says i want to remove my memories, my heart has become fort of memories, do auction of my heart too, you are with me so i dont need any memory, Shravani says even i dont need anything or any money, you are with me and that is enough for me.
Aradhya is tensed, Aaba says what happened? Aradhya says we will pay visit to Krishan from near when we win this fight, Aaba says yes even Krishan asked to finish evil from this world. Aradhya says Uday messaged me, he has reached and have done all work, Aaba nods. Aradhya says take to Aryan’s house driver, Aaba says why? Aradhya says we want to see that house, that house is witness of hatred and revenge and our battle will start from there only.

PRECAP- Announcer says Sangapur’s queen Arona is entering house. Aradhya and Uday enters Aryan’s house, Shravani and Aryan are shocked, Shravani drops bouquet she was holding from her hands, Aryan blabbers Aradhya?

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