Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 23rd October 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 23rd October 2017 Written Update by Sona

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 23rd October 2017 Written Episode

Suha snatches the phone from Golu insisting him to study. Golu says this is the last challenge. He heard the other students who haven’t completed the task got failed in all the subjects. Sona comes to take Suha outside, Golu warns her not to tell her anything.
Sona speaks to Suha on the table in solicitation. She asks Suha why she feels as if Suha is hiding something from her. Suha lies that its nothing, she hasn’t hidden anything. She feels apologetic to Sona as she doesn’t want Golu caught. She turns to leave. Sona asks if she has to eat something? Suha denies.
Ronita was waiting for Shorabh in the room. Her mother brings biryani for her she had seperately taken for her. She insists upon eating the biryani, as she works really hard. She tells her that

Shorabh has already slept because she told him so. Aasha comes there and says this semes abit spicy for Ronita but her mother replies she knows well what her daughter must eat. She later massages her head. Ronita thinks everyone would be irritated by Maa’s attitude, she must take care of Shorabh. Sona comes to speak to Alena if she felt something odd in Golu’s attitude. Alena wasn’t attentive, she says Dev must know it better.]
The next morning, Dev asks kids if they enjoy learning in the new way. Golu says he enjoys a lot and goes to get his phone. Dev stops him at once and asks him for the phone that just rang. Suha tries to grab his attention, but Dev focuses on the phone. He and Sona inquire Suha if she was also with Golu’s side; Dev asks if Golu was the one to steal the money as well? Dev was strict. Golu accepts about stealing the money and phone. Ishwari had come there and asks if they haven’t gone to school. Sona silently warns the kids that this isn’t acceptable, they will talk about it in the evening.
Shorabh and Ronita were cleaning together with mop. Shorabh says his parents are way better. Ronita was offensive that she is her mother. Her mother calls them downstairs if they are done there. Both were irritated.
At the school gate, Golu and Suha bid a farewell to Vicky. Golu takes his cell phone out and tells Suha they must complete the challenge. He reads the challenge, to find a swing. He points towards an isolated house with it. Suha wasn’t his side but still goes with him. Golu says if they don’t complete the game thier family may suffer.
Near the swing, Golu tells Suha to swing him as high as to fell down and record it in the video. Suha forbids him but Golu says they are helpless. The swing gets off rooted. Bijoy was passing by and find the kids there.
Ronita’s mother make Ronita and Shorabh work real hard.
Bejoy enters the park. Golu and Suha run away from the park and hide themselves. Bejoy looks around for them and calls Dev. Golu wish they had left earlier, now they will be found out.
Ronita sends her mother out for sub-bathing. Its good for child. Her mother agrees and takes Mishti outside. Shorabh and Ronita fell on the couch relieved. Ronita offers Shorabh to go and eat something.
In the room, both enjoy eating on bed. Shorabh breaks into cry, he was afraid how he will work so hard after eating alot. Ronita decides to give her mother an address of far away park.
Dev arrives at the park, Bejoy says kids were here and Golu was taking swing so high as to fell down. Both look around. The kids panic and run the other side. Bejoy wonders what if they had run away. Dev calls the Principal about the kids. Bejoy wish they are safe. The kids run in an isolated street. Golu gets a text on her phone, warning to complete the task in time or they will get a punishment.
Bejoy questions everyone at Dev’s home. Ishwari assures Dev and Sona are trying thier best. Bejoy insists something is missing, he fears kid’s kidnappning in such circumstances. Dev thinks there is something these kids are hiding.

PRECAP: Dev comes looking for the kids at the back street of old park. The kids come across some goons, Dev hears Sona finally calling him for help.

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