Mahek 30th September 2016 Written Update

Mahek 30th September 2016 Written Update by Atiba

Mahek 30th September 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shaurya comes to Mahek, he asks Mohit if he is with her? he says i am Mohit, he tells his address and everything, Shaurya says check her. Mohit tries to make Mahek eat enery bar, Shaurya sits and takes energy bar from him, Shaurya makes Mahek eat energy bar to boast her energy, she says eww.. he says eat it, its energy bar, nothing bad, he gets up and starts leaving but turns to look at Mahek, Mahek watches him too, they share eyelock, Shaurya puts on glasses and leaves. Kanta comes and asks what happened? Pammi says is she is not going to cook? Kanta says no, she will cook.

reporter says you have many hotels and you know taste of food, you wanna say something to people here? Shaurya says food should have taste of home, i have fast so i wont taste anything but all the best to all,
Mrs. Chawla asks can she take selfie with him? he says yes, she takes it with him, Pammi stares her. Ajay is smiling at Nehal, Nehal is glancing at him too, they smile.
Pammi says to Mahek that dont do any mistake, remember you are my helper and i am the cook here, look at your face, its clear that you are lying, anyone could know, and dont get lost in cooking if anyone comes here then stop cooking, tell me what you will say? Mahek says that i am your helper, Pammi says this time i will make Mrs. Chawla lose. They start cooking.
PD asks Ajay how many followers he has on twitter? Kanta says dont irritate him, Nehal says its suffocating here, i am going out, she leaves, Ajay says i have to go to mom, i cant stay away from her, he goes behind Nehal too.
Pammi asks Mahek to keep cooking, i will comeback, she leaves. PD comes there and offers chocolate to Mahek, she asks Mahek why she is sad? Mahek says i am doing this for Kanta chachi only, marriages are like this? even if Ajay marries me in pressure will this marriage work? Ajay rejected me and i forgot about it but Kanta met Pammi and accepted her offer, i told you that this cheating is wrong, PD says God knows everything, he sets our future, we dont have to worry about it, Mansi says you are doing all this for Kanta then dont give a damn to Ajay or Pammi.
Ajay says to Nehal that baby please give me one kiss, she says go and take kiss from Mahek whom your mom has chosen for you. Ajay says i have come for you only, for mom this competition is important but for me, you are important, he wears glasses and seduces her, he says pink lips are girl’s beauty and kissing them is boy’s beauty, she smiles. Ajay leans in and is about to kiss her but she listens Mansi calling out her name and searching for her, Ajay and Nehal hides from her.

Scene 2
Competition starts, Pammi asks Mahek to start working, Mahek says i need to concentrate, Pammi says dont faint now, she starts helping Mahek, Mahek says you are cooking well, Pammi says you do it, Mahek hums while cooking. PD says this woman will destroy my Mahek. Mansi says to Kanta that Nehal is not seen anywhere, i will snatch her mobile today, Kanta says we are worried about Mahek’s proposal and you are doing family drama. Jeevan says i am going to washroom, Kanta says i will do announcement then go, Jeevan says i wont eat that much next time, he goes to washroom.
Ajaya and Nehal are in washroom. Nehal says anyone can come, he says when i saw you first time i came to check Mahek, i liked you, now give me one kiss. Jeevan knocks door and says open it, Nehal says its Jeevan.. Ajay says what if mom knows? he starts crying, Nehal says you coward boy. Jeevan is knocking door and says i want to use washroom, one man asks Jeevan to go to other washroom, Jeevan leaves, Nehal comes out of washroom.
Announcer says judges are coming to see your cooking. Shaurya comes and compliments Mrs. Chawla. Rajiv says to Shaurya that you are good acting, Shaurya says i hate middle class people and their fatness. Shaurya comes to Pammi’s stall and says Mahek(aroma) is nice, Mahek turns and looks at him, Pammi says i cooked all this. Shaurya says to Mahek that you are same girl who fainted? Pammi says she ate something bad thats why fainted, he starts to leave but Mahek says i want to say something sir, she says to Shaurya that thanks for energy bar earlier, Shaurya offers her another bar and says eat it before you faint next time, Mahek smiles shyly and takes it from him, he leaves, Mahek looks on.
Announcer says only one minute is remaining for competition to end, she starts countdown, Mahek is giving last touches to food. Announcer ask everyone stop.
Dishes are set on table, announcer says judges will taste food now. Rajiv and Shaurya comes. Kanta says if Mahek wins this competition then she will win life’s race too. Rajiv is tasting dishes. Kanta asks Nehal to go to Mahek. Nehal comes to Mahek and says dont have high hopes, Mrs. Chawla is winning since last three years, Mohit says as if you tasted her dish, you fake girl, he asks Mahek why she is praying so much? Mahek says i want Pammi to win, Mohit says she was taunting so much, i feel like punching her, Mahek says dont say like that, she is elder, i took responsibility to make her win, i just hope she wins. Rajiv tastes Mrs. Chawla’s dish, Shaurya whispers if he should take appointment for stomach doctor? Rajiv says to Mrs. Chawla that your cooking is getting better every year, you seem to winning this time too, but lets see. Shaurya sees one dish and says its too oily, Rajiv rejects dish without tasting it. announcer says Judges will now taste Pammi’s dish, Mahek looks on. Rajiv says to Pammi that people got tired cooking three dishes only but you cooked five dishes, you had that much time? Pammi says time was less otherwise i would have cooked more. Rajiv is impressed and tastes her food, Mahek prays.

PRECAP- Pammi says to Kanta that i shouldnt have allowed you people to even stand at my door, you people have standard of my driver, your girls will not get married anywhere, they dont have standard, you people are iliterate and useless, your Mahek’s standard is confided to kitchen only, Kanta says enough. . .

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