Manmarziyan 27th August 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 27th August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Manmarziyan 27th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika coming home. She sees Nandini with her bag. Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day. Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. Radhika asks what does she mean.

Nandini says its painful to see your love with someone else, it has no cure, you want to give your love to someone else. Radhika says I don’t love Arjun. Nandini asks really? Fine, then wipe this sindoor and tries to wipe it. Radhika holds her hand and stops her. Nandini smiles and asks what happened, you could not do it, you fell in true love with Arjun while keeping the fake relation, you will never be able to leave Arjun.

Radhika says you are wrong. Nandini says fine, do one thing, close your eyes and the first face that comes infront of you, tell me who is it, I m sure it will be Arjun’s face, because you love Arjun, god luck. Nandini says its strange, you took the revenge I wanted to get, Samrat will feel the pain seeing you and Arjun, Sam will feel the pain knowing Arjun was never hers, I won at the end Radhika, you made me win, thanks, take care of my brother. She leaves. Radhika recalls Nandini’s words and cries. She says she is lying and recalls Arjun and her moments. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. She feels apologetic for Sam.

Sam comes to Neil teary eyed. Neil asks Sam what happened. Sam says Radhika married Arjun to keep me and Arjun away, Radhika is giving divorce to Arjun, you asked me to walk ahead with you, or stop pulling you behind, maybe our friendship was stopping me. She says she can’t go ahead with her idiot, I m sorry, we have to end this friendship. Ansoun me bighaati………….plays…………… He moves back.

Arjun sits sad in his room. Radhika comes there with her bag. She sees Arjun and says Sir…. He says today my darkness needs your light, if you leave me and go, I will get broken. She says you are not alone. He says you will catch my badness, and asks her to go away from him, where his shadow can’t reach him. He holds her face and wipes her tears. He asks why is she crying, for whom is she crying, for what could have happened… She says for what would have never happened. He says I know I don’t deserve your love, go, leave me in my darkness. She gets up and he holds her hand, asking her not to leave him, he is afraid to be alone.

He asks does he not deserve her pity. She says no, you deserve all the love possible. He says who will give me love, I m broken and shattered, is there anyone, will you give me a place in your heart, tell me….. She cries and says I have to go. He hugs her and asks her not to go leaving him today, he needs her. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. They cry.

She wipes his tears and kisses his forehead. She holds his hand and takes her. She makes him rest and sits by his side, pacifying him.

Sam rests on Neil’s shoulder. Neil cries and says he won’t let her come back after she takes the step, he will go away from his life. She says our friendship became our biggest enemy, now I have to take this step and break friendship. Neil cries. Sam says she can’t love him if he remains a friend. She says you did a lot for me, listen to me. Neil says no. She hugs him and they cry. She says she will miss him a lot. He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today. She gets up to leave. He asks where is she going. She says to say her decision to Arjun. She leaves.

Its morning, Radhika wakes up and smiles seeing Arjun. She moves his hand off and gets Sam’s call. She recalls Nandini’s words, and thinks of Sam. She thinks she is sorry to Arjun, but she can’t snatch Sam’s love, she can’t break Sam’s dreams, she will go forever.

Arjun wakes up and looks for Radhika. He gets her note and goes to the door. Sam comes there…


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  1. dollyhii
    August 28, 13:43 Reply

    Dost yariyan manmarziyan just like its title miss u alot

  2. madhu
    August 28, 12:18 Reply

    hey guys….plss hlp me… im a die hard fan of ardhika.. their bgm makes me go crazy… plss someone tell me te meaning of each n every line in that song yar…

    • Rose
      September 26, 15:52

      U can check out the translation in Google… if I’d remember the lyrics I would have translated for u.

  3. annie
    August 28, 09:00 Reply

    dnt go aradika .. im gonna miss u alot

  4. raashi
    August 28, 06:14 Reply

    I’m numb after this episode n words would fail me today to describe how brilliant this episode was….it was heart-wrenching….I loved every single thing today….be it Nandini playing d cupid for Ardhika….Radhika’s flashbacks….awww….how I loved them…made me relive all those beautiful Ardhika moments…..n now about d fab four…..loved d girls….they were both so good…..I loved how Radhika comforted and caressed Arjun…n I loved Sam…d way her heart was aching for Neil…..but then however much I liked them…d two boys surpassed them….they were brilliance personified….d acting so effortless…it never felt like acting….i could connect to their pain n it was so impactful…I couldn’t help myself from crying with them….they were both Magical….well Arjun more so….d guy took my heart away….I just couldn’t take my eyes off him….be it that first look where he was sitting on d ground…to dat precious Ardhika moment….where Radhika comforted him like a mother consoles a child….to that hug….d kiss on d forehead…d dialogues…Arjun following Radhika to d bed..lyk a kid blindly follows his mother….d bed scene where he snuggles up to Radhika n how she comforts him…to d asleep Arjun in d morning….d guy held me captivated n mesmerized throughout….he was marvellous…..but I hated to see Arjun so vulnerable n crying like that:( n I didn’t like to see Neil cry too….he didn’t understand d true meaning of Sam’s words….dat his heart was bleeding was visible on his face….felt so bad for both these guys ..

    Finally it seems Sam has got her sanity back n she wants to start d fresh chapter of love with Neil hence wants to end their friendship which is coming in d way of her love acceptance…Glad dat she’s realised dat she doesn’t love Arjun n hence wants to convey him d same….this one step of her would put a fullstop to this entire mess.

    N m just too excited for d precap…………n thank goodness this update has d pics as well…..its so good to relive these stills again:)

  5. Nethu
    August 28, 06:10 Reply

    Wow today s episode is awesome ardhikha sceans was hitting today please radhika don’t go far from u r love Arjuna wat to say about today’s episode no words to say wow…………
    Only 2days is more then we can’t watch it this show I am felling for it
    Ok wat to do every serial has an ending like this we should think and try to control .

    I love dosti
    Manmarzian……. Forever …

  6. madhu
    August 28, 04:30 Reply

    this episode was heart touching . I am gonna miss you manmarziyan

  7. Vytha
    August 28, 02:03 Reply

    Omg..this episode is my heart touching one! Nandhu u made a great thing. I wonder u wants to take revenge samrat but sametime u cannot see arjun sad. Who r u ?? Undescribable!
    Ardhika you guys rocked radhu’s place is beside her arjun. Don’t leave him.
    Let’s wait for their reunite

  8. renu
    August 27, 19:53 Reply

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…

    oh my gosh!!! wat an amazing episode yaar,….its the best episode of not ly mmz but in the tv so far,…i dinn ve any words 2 describe this episode yaar,..shayad i ve 2 create new words 2 describe this episode,…

    i loved everything shown in this episode,…first time my heart felt 4 nandhini too,…nandhu,here renu feels 4 u,..u r the best cupid 4 our ardhika ,….u made realize arjun tat he loves radz n 2day u done great job by making radz realize the name 4 her grown up feelings 4 her arjun sir,…n its none other than pure n true love,….i loved ur each words,…
    u dinn love arjun then remove ur sindhoor n mangalsootra,…
    if u close ur eyes,the first face come 2 ur mind is arjun,..
    its a big failure the day u saw ur love with some1 n ur life ends there,…
    finally take care of my brother,…
    which hits radz heart million times n she came 2 understand that she loves arjun a lot n i loved all her flashbacks,,this girl started feeling 4 her arjun sir 4m the jungle n8 itself,…n all the flashback scenes r my favorite ardhika scenes,….poor nandhu,..where s this samrat,..who s the reason 4 all mess,…he really escaped n saved his respect by playing with 4 unknown ppl life,…


    friends,…2day i loved neil asusual n felt sam’s love 4 him 4 the first time 4m her without any ego 4m her side,…i already said in my previous comments so,i dont wanna repeat here,…sam’s biggest pblm s her friendship mirror b4 her which blocks her vision 4m seeing neil’s pure love,..she was confused that if it was not friendship then wat it s n she felt guilty 4 ruining her friendship n not loving arjun too,..after yday’s convo with radz she understood that radz s just wanna separate her 4m arjun n she dinn snatch her love which doesnt exists,…so,she felt wat love s n she wanna see neil as her life partner by removing guilty 4m her heart,..her first step s 2 end their friendship btw them which always stops her 2 see neil’s love,…n last step s 2 clear everything with arjun that she dinn love him n she loves ly neil,…so,that she can confess neil without holding any weight 4m her heart,…but bechara neil was totally hurt in all these,..he came 2 old jovial neil after a long tym n now he again went 2 devdass mode,..i cant see him shedding buckets of tears always n i dunno sam ll give him the same love he s giving 2 her but i ve ly 1 thing 2 say after all his hurt,…he must atleast get wat he wants in his life,..he loves her so much unconditionally knowing all her flaws,..such a gem of this show,…


    u all knew how m crazy in describing this couple n i almost analysed many things about this magic couple but still m not yet finished yaar,,..each n every epi took them 2 the next level n that’s the reason i cant love any other fictional couple like ardhika,…everything over loaded,..passion,emotion,love ,romance,care,affection,fun,protection,even anger, synchronization,….. if i start writing y i love this pair ill not finish it 2day n 1 page s not enof 4 me 2 point out my reasons 4 falling in love with this couple,…

    k 2day show stealer s my arjun baby,….friends,…dont b angry with me cox i can see neil’s tears daily too but cant see arjun’s tears 4 a day yaar,..his tears makes me 2 feel his pain n Ahem nailed it 2day,…

    Friends,…wats the age of arjun,…ve any guesses,..i ll tell u his age s just 8 now,…yday he cried like a 8 years old little boy 4m where he found his new affection 4 a god like,mother like,,…sister figure in his life nandhu,…his heart broken in2 pieces hearing nandhu’s betrayal,..he s not at all angry with nandhu but he s crying like a child who ll ask the parents 4 the reason of snatching his affection by showing fake love all over years just 2 use him 4 her personal revenge,….this hurts him badly n as i said yday its a black day in his life,…

    2day wen radz started 2 leave him,…his first word came 4m his mouth s 2day my darkness needs ur light radhika,…see friends all my words about arjun’s inner monologue came as dialogues 2day,..he dont want his bad 2 reach radz n he said pls go away 4m me where my shadow too wont catch u,…this s 4 her goodness as she s his angel na,…(n i dont wanna repeat it again,..)

    wen she was about 2 leave,..he stopped her,’ please dont leave me alone 2n8 as m afraid of being alone,’….this s 4 himself as i said b4 he cant live without radhika even in his dream,…her cries 4 him,…n friends m totally lost in them wen arjun chants radz hasiyat n himmat dialogue,…omg,…wat 2 say,..he too feeling the same status n courage 2 not 2 confess his love,…2day he confessed her that her wat her cries meant 4 wat it could happened,….LOVE,…her reply wat it would ve never happened,…LOVE,…both confessed without 3 words yaar,…

    & he pleaded her literally as he s not worth 4 her sympathy too,…i melted like ice yaar,…wen she said he s worth 4 all love in his life,..n he used this chance n asked her directly do u give me a place in ur heart,..who ll love me unconditionally,…radz s loving u unconditionally arjun,…& thank god radz dinn take sam’s name btw them that sam ll love him like her,..dont b angry with me,…but cmp 2 radz,sam ll not b so much in love too even 4 neil,…she s just devoloping soft corner 4 neil now n tat itself makes a huge diff in her,..but radz can ly give pure unconditional love 2 arjun,…k, btw,.. i was bitting my nails 4 radz reply 4 arjun’s qns,..n as i expected my radz cant lie,,she wanna go,.

    then 2 my surprise,i saw an emotional tight hug 4m arjun pleading her that he needs her 2day,…radz such a selfless girl as i said yday,…she want 2 help arjun 2 come out of his present state n she knew how 2 take care of her hubby like mom knows how 2 look after her child,…she kissed his forehead which was so classy,..n that eases the pain in arjun’s heart, a child he followed radz steps 2day n she made him lay on bed 2 sleep n loved how she caressed his face n how he hugged her n slept on her,…pure platonic love portrayed 4m both the sides, also makes me 2 remember arjun caressing radz face in store room like a father n 2day radz caressed him like a mother,…friends this s the defn of true love,…i think so,…

    hats off 2 the actors Aham n Monica too,…watever the perfect script may b but the way they both lived in arjun n radhika character 2 day has no words,…i badly want this couple like ardhika in another show soon as mmz season 2 in other channel,…

    Loved how radz stared her hubby 4 the first time with full love in her eyes n how she wanna caress his face again but stopped by sam’s call,…y sam y cant u call a few min’s latter,…i always got 2 see arjun’s feeling after they woke up but 2day i get 2 see radz feeling 4 her love n ur call reminded her the promise she did 2 u,….she even apologized u after realizing her love cox she felt selfish 4 being fallen in love with ur love interest,…n nandhini’s words that she ll never leave arjun n her promise 2 u ll definitely bring her back 2 her sense of selfless nature again,…she s not as selfish 2 live her life happily with her love without thinking about her friend’s loss in the same love,….that s my chasni,….but 2day i felt that radz too understood arjun’s feeling 4 her tat’s y she said sorry 2 arjun 4 leaving him 4ever,….

    ly 2 epi left just 1 hour story,,…40 – 42 min story left 4 us,….n friends, i said b4 i dinn read any spoiler n kept myself away 4m thinking about prediction,…hence i got full surprise n enjoyed each n every epi with full gosh overshadowing the sadness of the abrupt ending of this story,…Suck u starplus,…cvs proved they can give their best,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote,…hope u never mind,….ve a nice day guys,…

  9. fatima
    August 27, 18:48 Reply

    Oh this movie is so take away please radhika stay with arjun

  10. lea
    August 27, 15:40 Reply

    Todays epi ws so emotional………it made me cry……..rafhika don’t leave arjun…….he wants u 2 mould himself into a gud guy……….and sam dnt leave niel…….u can only b happy wth him…….he s a gem………….i think sam ‘ll tell arjun that u r meant 4 radhika n nt me….n then she’ll go n tell niel that she loves him a lot…n together they ‘ll search 4 hr n bring hr 2 arjun…….

  11. Sania
    August 27, 15:01 Reply

    Today’s episode was sooooo emotional,mad me cry………….I’ll miss manmarziyaan..

  12. Sana
    August 27, 14:36 Reply

    miss u manmarziyan…

    • Sana
      August 27, 14:39

      I wish radika says all about nandini to sam to stop their misunderstandings…
      And to see them both also as before….

  13. saji
    August 27, 13:59 Reply

    No words to express my feiling going thought my heart.
    Arjun begging to radika give him a place in her heart and dont leave him.but radika still standing her foolish mind and thought.she still cant undetstand wt arjun feiling.

    And sam teling to neil there friendship stoping her from moving ahed.for that we need to break there friendship.i think neil didnt get wt she meant.she want to end there friendship and want to see neil has her lover.she cant see neil has her lover and life patner over the frind.that y she want to break it.

    And preacp i wish sam bring radika along with her to arjun house.

  14. […] The Episode starts with Radhika coming home. She sees Nandini with her bag. Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day. Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. Radhika asks what does she mean. […]

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