May I Come In Madam 31st May 2016 Written Update

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May I Come In Madam 31st May 2016 Written Update by Amena

May I Come In Madam 31st May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Kashmira to get a water bottle for him. She asks anything else you want. He asks why are you irritated. She says I will always be irritated. He asks her whats the matter, fine I will go and get cold water. He says I got annoyed and you did not care for me. He asks did I do any mistake, tell me, if anything happened with your family, you deal with them. She says I m fed up working all day, I want fresh air, I m fed up. She cries. He asks her not to cry and feels guilty. She asks him to convince her, I want your time. He says I will come home early from office, we will go and have Chinese dinner and then icecream, we will go on long drive in auto. He says just we will go, not Mummy and Bhupesh. She agrees.

Its morning, Sanju goes to office. Sanju asks Sanjana why did she call them in urgency. She says Papa called you all, he is very angry. He asks did his specs break. She says shut up, his anger is very dangerous. Peon comes and compliments Sanju’s shirt. Sanju asks him what happened, why are you angry, you look cool. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. Everyone greet him. Boss says peon is cool, but boss is hot, since Sanjana joined this company, since 3 months, company is going in loss, Sanjana did not live upto my expectations. She says sorry. He says Sanjana did not make them work hard. He asks Sanjana to recover company loss in one month. She says alright, I have a good news and bad news for you. She says when you leave for home, you won’t get traffic on the way. Bhupesh asks why, will you drop us by helicopter.

She says no, office timings will be morning 9 to night 9, you can get clear roads at night. Bhupesh asks can anyone work so much. Boss slaps him. Sanjana scolds them and asks them not to expect sweet behavior by them, you all will follow this schedule. Sanju nods. Sanjana says I expect you all will work hard, you can leave. Boss says I want to hear sorry from you all for the loss. They all say sorry. Sanjana asks Sanju to stay back. She asks how did he like her idea. He says brilliant, sometimes you should be strict, I had fun. She says I just asked one thing and you started praising me, you always time pass, you are very lazy at work, go and work now. He leaves.

Sanju and Bhupesh sit working. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju. Sanju asks him to stop nonsense, I will work hard, madam won’t have any problem with my work. Bhupesh says problems come without a ring. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks will red saree suit me or green saree. He asks is this any problem. She says we are going out after many days. He thinks I forgot about dinner. She asks shall I wear western, mummy is not coming along. He says no, I felt you are unwell, we can go later. She says I m fine, I will make you unwell if you don’t take me. He says no, I was thinking for you, I m worried for you, I will come with you, you be ready, wear anything. She says it means you don’t care. Mummy says this happens after some year of marriage. Sanju says I did not mean that, I mean everything suits you. Kashmira asks him to get gajra for her. He says fine, I will get two for you and mummy. Kashmira ends call and asks mummy why did she not go out when she was talking to Sanju. Mummy laughs.

Bhupesh asks Sanju to work hard. Sanju asks him not to give tension. He thinks if I don’t take wife on dinner, she will kick out from home, if I don’t end work, madam will fire me from job, I will go and ask Sanjana for leave. Sanjana slaps someone and fires him. Sanju gets shocked seeing that and asks her what happened. Sanjana says I fired him from job. Sanju asks why. He says there are losses in company, we have to work it out together, he did not hear any problem and wants leave. Sanjana gets a call and says I m coming in 10mins. She asks Sanju why did you come. Sanju says I needed an adjustment. She gets close and says company will adjust everything for you, tell me what do you want. He says I want leave, I have to take Kashmira on dinner.

She kicks him and asks him to get out. His imagination ends. She asks why did you come here, hurry up, I m really losing my mind in pressure. He says I came to say I will show becoming good employee, I will settle here and manage work well, I will do overtime and stay at night too. She says good, I wanted to hear this, a late night meeting is arranged with client, you will be needed, go now. Sanju thinks Kashmira will not leave me today.

Bhupesh gives good news to Sanju and says you won’t get fired now, madam gave you much work, you can save money as you can’t go on dinner with Kashmira. Kashmira calls Sanju. Sanju gets tensed. Bhupesh says Kashmira won’t leave you easily. Sanju answers call. She asks where are you. He says in your heart, I love you a lot, I always care for you, you also do the same. She asks are you cancelling dinner. He says no, we will go on dinner, but tomorrow. She says I will kill you. He asks her to understand, ask Bhupesh. She says I hate you Sanju and ends call. He says sorry, I m doing this for you. Mummy says Sanju is born to cheat you, we will go for dinner, I have earnings, come. They leave.

Sanju and Sanjana are at restaurant. Sanju says you said we have meeting with client, but this is restaurant. She says I was lying, I had to spend quality time with you. He asks quality time.

Sanju hides his face. Kashmira and mummy beat him up infront of Sanjana.

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