Meri Durga 2nd December 2017 Written Update

Meri Durga 2nd December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Meri Durga 2nd December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gayatri denying that she is Jassi. She asks Durga how will she prove this. Durga says you have the same tattoo as Jassi, I know all the truth now, you have hidden this truth from now, I salute your talent. Gayatri asks her to stop it. She scolds Durga. Durga says I can get your fingerprints matched to prove you are Jassi, I know you have contacts, but there are many ways to prove you are Jassi. Gayatri raises hand on her. Durga holds her hand and asks what do you want, shall I call Angad Singh here and make him prove everything. Gayatri gets shocked.

Durga says this was the name of your coach, Jassi was 17 years old, she wanted to take part in under 16 race competition and break record, whatever happened between Angad and Jassi, they both got banned. Gayatri says enough,

you won’t talk about this. Durga says fine, but you know that I know the entire truth, this is my house and my respect, you are my mum, I will not ruin your respect, you want me to stay silent, I want to ask something for it, my condition is ….you will give me training. Gayatri asks have you lost your mind. Durga says fine, I have to tell this to everyone. Gayatri says no one can know this truth. Durga says I know, so I came to you, there can’t be any better trainer than you, you were best athlete despite being a vegetarian, you have become my inspiration, you will give me training.
Gayatri asks are you blackmailing me. Durga says no, I m not like you, I m not doing anything wrong, I m asking your help, just you can fulfill my dreams, you will clear the stains which you gave me in childhood, shall I take your silence as a yes, I will meet you in morning, I won’t be late, I know Jassi, she was also disciplined.

Umang takes Shilpa and shows her the cake. He calls everyone. Amrita says Madhav liked chocolate cake a lot, so I have made this. Rajveer comes and asks whose marriage is it. Umang says my mum and dad got married today. They all miss Madhav. Amrita cuts the cake and feeds to everyone. She gives cake to Rajveer as well. He wishes her happy anniversary. Sanjay comes home and gets shocked seeing Durga. He asks how dare you come here. Gayatri says I have let her come here, I thought you were right, she should accept her crimes before she leaves.

Durga sees Sanjay hurt and thinks what happened to him. Sanjay asks Durga did she hide cameras again, how did she come back from academy. She bsays this is my house, this is the truth of our relation, I have married you by taking all vows by my heart, so I will stay here with you. She goes. He thinks I will make your life hell and teach you the real meaning of this relation. Neelkant asks Gayatri how can she let Durga stay here, what happened. She says I know what I have to do. He says fine. She gets angry. He thinks what happened to her.

Durga comes to her room and sees the decorations. Sanjay hugs her and asks how did you like all this. She gets away. He says you want to keep this marriage, so I thought to fulfill your wishes, these gifts are also for you, we are newly married, you know, so come we will keep imp ritual of marriage. He pushes her on the bed. He says we shall celebrate our wedding night. He gets close to her. She gets away. He asks what happened, you like to claim that you are my wife, wait get ready and come. He gives her a bridal dress and asks her to go.

Gayatri asks Durga to promise her, that she will do whatever she tells her. Durga agrees. Gayatri asks Durga to apply soil on her face.

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