Million Dollar Girl 10th June 2015 Written Update

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Million Dollar Girl 10th June 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Million Dollar Girl 10th June 2015 Written Episode

DJ washes the dishes while Bhuwan comes in..DJ tells Vicky should knock and come..BHuwan tells its him not Vicky..DJ tells sorry as its Vicky’s Dhaaba so she thought Vicky came here..Bhuwan tells its okay and he dont need any explanation..Bhuwan and DJ gets close…Kavya goes,,Ranvijay comes pushes Kavya..Kavya asks what is this??Ranvijay asks If Kavya loves Vicky???Kavya tells look who is asking…Kavya tells that he left him and gone.Kavya goes…Ranvijay tells Kavya would have understand why he left and gone..Virat sits near Avanti’s bed and thinks all about Avanti..VIrat tells its difficult but hep promise….Virat goes but Avanti’s hand stuck in Virat,,Virat tells he knew Avanti will stop him like this only in future….DJ gets up and tells Bhuwan to get up…DJ tells Bhuwan to get up as its late..Bhuwan tells to relax as no one will come..Vicky comes and sees BHuwan and DJ..Vicky tells that Dhaaba is his father and room is his…DJ tells Vicky not to interefere in his personal matter..Vicky goes…Bhuwan tells DJ to relax..Kavya decorates Avanti’s room as its her birthday..Kavya tells That she brought all favourite things of Avanti..Kavya tells Avanti to get up soon..Ranvijay comes and brings cake..Kavya tells If Ranvijay thinks if he is thinking everything will be good in between them its nothing like that..Ranvijay tells its nothing like that he loves Kavya..Kavya tells she doesn’t trust him..Ranvijay puts the cake and goes…
Zubair comes and asks Virat what is happening??…Virat tells he have to go as its Avanti’s birthday,, Zubair tells that If today Virat gone he will close the DESI SWAG and Avanti will be disapointed…Virat tells that company is important fo Zubair also…Zubair tells Virat to have arm wrestling fight with him..If Virat won he can go..Virat agrees…Zubair and Virat fights..Virat wins..VIrat tells he is going..Zubair tells okay..Virat Uncle sees TV…Virat comes and sits..Virat shows the documents and tells that he has sold the house…Uncle tells that Virat cannot do that..Virat tells he will do that..Uncle tells he will arrange the money..Uncle calls and tells Rajat…Rajat goes to bank and give bag full of money to Virat and tells that Virat is not doing good..Rajat tells Avanti is more important than their family???Virat tells that its not his family its Rajat family…Rajat talks on phone with someone and tells that Virat should not be killed just have to take the bag..
Some people with covered face raises gun against Virat and tells to give the bag..Virat beats them,,They falls Virat takes the gun and tells the people to give the bag otherwise he will shoot..They goes..Virat calls Rajat and tells that he have to pay for this..DJ makes cake..Vicky sees Dj and smiles..Vicky goes near DJ..Vicky removes the choclate from DJ face and eats..DJ slaps..Vicky realises and tells it was a dream..DJ comes and tells Vicky that she had prepared a choclate cake for Avanti’s Birthday..If Vicky want to come he can come..She does not care..DJ goes…Vicky tells why he is thinking about DJ like this..Virat comes and knocks the door..Tayaaji tells he will not open the door..Virat comes inside..Tayaaji tells what this???Tayaaji tells he will call the police..Virat tells to keep the money and give the shop..Tayaaji tells that he will call police.VIrat raises teh gun and tells Tayaaji to give the shop otherwise he will shoot..Tayaaji tells to put the gun he will sign..Tayaaji signs the paper…VIrat takes the paper and tells thanks..Tayaaji tell he will not leave Virat easily he will call Police and tells that Virat forced to give the shop..Virat tells what Tayaaji will tell..Virat shows the gun and tells its a “TOY GUN”..Tayaaji is shocked..Virat laughs..

Precap::DJ,,Bhuwan..Kavya and Vicky celebrates Avanti’s birthday…

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