Mohi 30th September 2015 Written Update

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Mohi 30th September 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 30th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mohi taking sweets. Shubhangi and Swati tease Mohi. Swati gives her more modak and asks her to take more if she wants. Mohi thanks her. Swati says Mohi is innocent and won our heart. Anusha apologizes to Ayush from Rekha’s side. Ayush says his bike does not have petrol and argues with Anusha. He asks her to say sorry. She asks why shall I say sorry. He asks why can’t you, if you can say sorry for your mum’s behavior. They smile. Ayush calls Deepa’s husband and says he wants to meet him. The guy says he is at his friend’s house, I will meet tomorrow. Anusha suggests they meet today, as they should try. Ayush agrees. She says she trusts him and he thinks he does not deserve her trust.

Vinay thinks of Bhuvana and Mohi’s words. Archana asks is he worried, did Mohi shock him again. Sudha tai comes to Ayush’s house and the family gets tensed seeing her. Mohi asks who is she. Kaki asks Mohi not to talk infront of her. Ayush and Anusha come to meet Deepa’s husband. Sunil sends his friends inside and asks Ayush to sit and talk. Ayush says we are worried for you and Deepa, Deepa is not telling anything, we want to know the problem, you can share with us, we can solve it.

Sunil says I tried to save this relation, I could not keep Deepa happy, we have compatibility issues, and she gets angry on small things. Sudha praises her daughter Bhoomi and talks nonstop. Mohi talks against Sudha and says you are lying.

Shubhangi introduces Mohi. Kaki asks Sudha to greet Vinayak ji. Anusha says sorry, husband and wife have small fights. Sunil says you don’t know Deepa well, its tough to control her when she gets upset, I m facing much problems, Ayush offers financial help and says he can return it later. Sunil says he needs 50000rs. Ayush says its fine, I have card, I will transfer in your account, just give me a laptop, think I m helping Deepa. Anusha gets thinking.

Sudha says the idol is beautiful and praises her relatives. Anjali tells Mohi that Sudha always praises others. Mohi says she has a plan and asks Anjali to see. Sunil thanks Ayush. Anusha says its great thing if you and Deepa are happy. Sunil says I want to come, but Deepa does not want to meet me, I called her a lot today, she asked me not to call, I just have to talk to her. Ayush gets a call from office and something falls from his pocket. Sudha tells about sweets.

Manohar comes and Sudha stops him to talk to her. Sudha bores everyone. Mohi talks like Sudha and tells big things about her village. She boasts herself. Sudha and Mohi get into a competition about boasting. Sudha falls in Mohi’s plan and they all look at her. They laugh.

Ayush tells Mohi that police will shut her in jail if they know she is linked to Satyakam. Police comes home and Mohi gets worried that police came to catch her.

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