1. jill
    November 18, 05:53 Reply

    I love sanam rehan and a hill very much

  2. saz
    July 17, 07:03 Reply

    we have to support sanam and ahil bcoz qubool hai rates are falling down neither they will end the show and i dont want this and sanam is asyas daughter

  3. Maitha
    July 16, 18:24 Reply

    I love Aahil and Sanam jodi
    awesome couple…

  4. Famia
    July 16, 13:38 Reply

    Rehaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!!!!! No!!!! For Rehaan’s sake and my sake
    , I hope Rehaan isn’t there. I will cry a river.

  5. Lollo
    July 16, 04:19 Reply

    Why does Aahil look so shocked when he sees Sanam?
    Hope this happens soon! 🙂

  6. sahil rocks *
    July 16, 04:07 Reply

    i knew this would happen. and qubool hai promos always go right in the wrong way

    • yk
      July 17, 15:16

      absolutely right !

  7. Malika Zaiba
    July 16, 02:23 Reply

    I honestly hope REHAN doesn’t turn evil! I love him and his jodi and sweetness with Sanam! 🙁 I maybe the only one but I’m still #TeamRehan&Sanam dil se </3 🙁

  8. SaHil
    July 15, 15:59 Reply

    I think he is imagining sanam.

  9. Sana
    July 15, 15:50 Reply

    Rehan will be the next tanveer…..I mean villan

  10. raj13
    July 15, 14:58 Reply

    i knew it knew it and it happend

  11. yk
    July 15, 14:58 Reply

    gorgeous traditional attire alwys dnt suit surbhi .

  12. yk
    July 15, 14:57 Reply

    hope its nt ahil’s dream !

  13. Me
    July 15, 14:12 Reply

    I think it will happen because tanveer doesn’t want rehaan and sanam to get married

    • pridhi
      July 15, 14:13

      Actually she doesn’t want nida& aahil 2 get married

    • Me
      July 16, 14:51

      If you are so stupid did you not see the precap and it did turn out the way I thought bec in today’s episode she asks sanam a hand for Ahil

  14. [email protected]
    July 15, 14:01 Reply

    Are you guys sure about this promo. It means Sanam will take the place of Nida or Ahil imagining Sanam.

  15. Honey
    July 15, 13:56 Reply

    Wowwwwwwwwww awesomeeee I waiting and see

  16. pridhi
    July 15, 13:32 Reply

    Yay finally the most awaited moment!

  17. Kavya
    July 15, 13:28 Reply

    Waiting for dis awesome moment

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