Qubool Hai 31st July 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 31st July 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 31st July 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The imposter tells Razia how he had seen rajni at the temple, and tried to steal this house by imposing as Vikram, and asks her instead whats the matter. she is tensed. She silences him with some money, and says that he should remember that if her secret is with him, then his also is with her. The imposter assures her and goes on to taunt her about her sophisticated stealth, but razia stops him that he should leave, and not even be seen around her daughter. She says that he must leave before dawn, so that noone sees him, and blames him for her plan failing to get rid of badi bi. She warns him that he should be gone by tomorrow or else.

The next day, razia is shocked to find the imposter still there, eating with the family. they are both shocked to find the police at their door. Razia and he, both think that the other has let their secret out of the bag. As the imposter tries to evade, ayan stops and asks where is he going. The police come and ask for rashid to talk about badi bi. ayan calls for him, and rashid comes down hoping to have any info about badi bi. But the police disappoint him by saying that they dont have any clue about her. They ask if they are sure that she went out. Razia says that badi bi cant be hiding in the house. The police says that only she had seen her going, and asks if she heard anything from badi bi, that might have sounded weird. Razia denies, and reiterates about badi bi going to her relative. Razia asks why is the police wasting their time here, instead of searching outside. The imposter sm,iles evilly and says that before going out of town to search, they should search the surrounding areas. Razia is tensed. Ayan offers to help and take them to places that she used to frequently visit. After they leave, as the imposter is smiling, razia asks why didnt he leave. She is fuming with anger, as he refuses to go. She takes him by the hand and is about to take him from there, when she is stopped by rajni/ humaira standing in front of them. Razia is surprised. she changes her tone, and starts being cordial with her. Rajni/ humaira says that she wants to talk to him in private to which he agrees. As they leave, razia is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad is shocked to see the whole kitchen in the mess. As zoya comes out, she too is shocked as dilshad expresses bewilderment at the mess in the kitchen. Asad comes and eats the pizza from zoya’s slice, and tells her that she should be ready to get her wishes fulfilled.( MITWA) As asad leaves, she is giggling. Dilshad vents out her entire frustration, as she makes asad do all the cleaning. Zoya and nazma too join her. Asad tries to shift the blame on zoya, but she reprimands him. finally as they all begin to start cleaning,

Zoya and asad, along with the other ladies are cleaning up the mess on the table and everywhere in the kitchen. Asad says that they cant appreciate that he made the effort to make something. zoya accuses asad of not appreciating her poetic sense. He says that he doesnt as its not poetry. Zoya says that she has a poetry for this too. On dilshad’s and nazma’s encouragement, she breaks into her impromptu poetry:

Shayari hai meri kamaal ki, is baat ko aap bhi mano,
Agar hoti filmon mein, to naam hota Shaira Bano!!!.

They all are amused at this. asad says that this isnt poetry but a bad joke. she too asks him to go for a trained cook to teach him. She says that first of all, he should clean it all. Zoya and the ladies are all together in teasing asad, who’s been cornered. Dilshad says that their couple is the best, and they may keep fighting but their relation is forever.

Asad is pasting a copy of zoya’s wish list on the isnide of his wardrobe. Asad says that zoya might have taken away the wish list from him, but he remembers everything, and goes on to the second thing on his wish list, which would require a great deal of effort. Ayan comes in through the window, and asad after teasing himf or doing that, hugs him tightly. Ayan says that he’s come saving his life from Haseena. He goes on a rant about how bitchy she is. He starts impersonating his laughter, to asad’s pleasure.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Haseena comes in ayan’s residence, to check the fairness meter with nikhat, and expresses horror that ther’s no change, and goes on to taunt her about the same. shirin calsm her down and makes her sit. The imposter says that its her fault too, and says that they should only use imported creams, that are reliable and not the indian ones. Rajni is surprised and says that she doent need any creams and is beautiful as she is. Haseena says that she can joke well, and asks her not to interfere in their matters. The imposter too agrees that they dont belong here. But rajni motions him to come to the side. She tells haseena that what she is saying, is wrong too, and that she should treat her with respect. Haseena asks nikhat to go in. But rajni doesnt let her go, and neither goes herself. Haseena asks shirin to tell them to go inside, and she complies. Rajni resignedly goes inside, angered when haseena taunts that she wouldnt have tolerated this. She reminds Rajni that she should order for two dozen american creams, so that nikhat can grow fairer. Haseena tells shirin that she should keep the girls in taming, and not let them loose. She tells her that this isnt their innocent Humaira, and hence now that rajni’s husband is here, they should allow her to go with her husband. shirirn is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad tries to assure ayan that he loves humaira, but he isnt willing to accept. Asad explains him that when a person belonging to them, goes far away, then they realise the worth, and he says it from personal experience. He admits that love does change a person. Ayan blames himself for humaira’s condition, and now he starts valuing her love. He says that if a person loves so badly, then he too cant say no. Asad says that he would have to accept it someday, and the day that happens, his life would change and he wouldnt know too. Ayan asks him why has he called him here. Asad hesitatingly says that he needs his help in knwoing someone, and shows a poster of Salman Khan when ayan asks who. Ayan asks if he’s serious. Asad looks curtly at him, and the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Asad goes on an impersonation of Salman khan and his style of romancing, along with singing and dancing, just to please zoya, and fulfill her second wish, while zoya is shocked beyond belief that he’s capable of doing that. She is overwhelmed at asad’s gesture. Ayan comes to vikram’s room and is told that they lost Rajni’s ring somewhere. As they all begin to search it, after some time, vikram asks ayan if he found it and ayan denies. as ayan leaves however, he is shown to be carrying the ring, hidden from everyone else.


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