Sethji 31st July 2017 Written Update

Sethji 31st July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Sethji 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pragati says sethji see I brought the leaves. Devi says go in that direction and bring neem leaves. Pragati goes there. Sethji has called darbar. She asks everyone if they know Sadashiv. Pandit ji says no I never heard of him. Everyone says no they don’t know. Sambha says ask more people. Raghu says yes someone would know. Pandit ji says you said that this person had been to city. Only two people went to city from here. Vinayak and.. Bhao comes in. Sethji says Bhao you should be in your bedroom. Not here in darbar. Bhao says I know that you don’t trust me and I don’t deserve to stand here. But my eyes have opened. Please let me serve devsu. Give me any order. Sethji says do you know sadashiv? Who lived in devsu and has lived in city as well. Bhao says sadashiv? Yes I heard
this name. Sethji says where did you meet him? He says I can’t recall. He pretends to faint. Sethji says go and rest. Let me know when you recall.

Bhao says when I heard Nagesh talking to his son he said that he has someone in devsu who helps him.

Scene 2
Pragati is taking Baji’s clothes for laundry. He holds her hand. Baji goes. She says you have changed after marriage. Where has your love gone. He says you do so many mistakes. she says so what I am a human.

Scene 3
Devi tells baho about gauri going to jungle. She says I am taking pragati there. Pragati says to devi I lost my earring somewhere. Devi says you went to jungle with me. You probably lost it there. DEvi has stolen her earring. Pragati says let me go and check in jungle.
Prgati is looking for her earrings. She sees gauri hugging ambi. Pragati shouts gauri..Ambi says no.. Pragati says you stay quite. Now I know why are you lost all day gauri. Pragati says gauri go home.
A man sees pragati talking to ambi. Pragati says go from here. Or I will get you killed. Ambi runs from there.

Pragati comes home and says baji.. She says I should ask him first whether I should tell sethji or not. But gauri will be punished. She is innocent. But if I don’t tell sethji baji would be so angry. We need to know ambi’s plan.
Pragati collides with devi. Devi says where were you going? Praagati to ask sethji about meal of the night.

Two women bring their kids to sethji. They say that their kids play all the time. Sethji says a son should study and become a good man. Make your parents proud. But you two shouldn’t be harsh on them. Mother’s should never be strict. You both mothers should go to them with school. A mother is responsible for everything her child does.

Precap-Pragati says garui leaves all this or I will tell Sethji. Garui says go and tell whoever you want. Sethji says to Gauri later we will really miss you when you get married. Pragati says to Garui I care about you. She says but I love ambi.

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