Shakti 29th March 2018 Written Update

Shakti 29th March 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Shakti 29th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Shanno and Raavi to thank her as she will not tell Harman about their work. She says whatever you were doing now, I used to do in my childhood and asks them to go and sleep. Preeto asks Jasleen if she shall give milk to her. Jasleen asks her to massage her hairs. Preeto asks Jasleen to bring oil from Soumya’s room. Harman asks Soumya to go. Jasleen sees them holding pillow and thinks they are romancing, and smiles. Soumya tells Harman that she don’t need Jasleen to get close to him. Jasleen tells Soumya that she needs oil which Preeto gave her. Soumya thinks Preeto sent her intentionally and gives her oil. Jasleen says I will not disturb you both. Soumya asks Harman to tell what she shall do. Harman says you are a kinnar and don’t deserve to sit on my bed. Soumya

says I am your wife and deserves to be here. She reminds him that he fell in love with her first, she didn’t lie when she came to know about her identity etc. She tells that she didn’t do the puja intentionally and you got angry and calls me kinnar many times, but you still have love for me, you are upset, I will convince you till my last breath. Harman says this is your misunderstanding. Soumya says she will do her duty and will convince him, says whenever I got upset, you had cheer me up. Harman says I have done a mistake by giving you place in my heart. Soumya challenges him that he will bring her back to room. Harman asks are you challenging me. Soumya says she is testing the strength of her love.
Harak Singh asks Preeto how she can sleep. Preeto asks him to sleep. Harak Singh gets angry. Preeto asks him to ask his heart if their relation is so weak that they can separated by divorce paper. She hugs him and says she loves him very much comparing to other women and tells that if you want to divorce me then you can. Harak Singh says he also loves her a lot and wants kinnar to leave.

Soumya comes there and asks Preeto to come out. Harak Singh thinks until kinnar is between us, I will least be your husband and Harman’s father more. Soumya tells Preeto about challenging Harman. Preeto asks when you trust your love, then be hopeful. Harman thinks whenever I see the moon, I used to see your face, but now I hate even the moon. He recalls Soumya’s challenge that he will take her to room in his arms. He thinks to see how she fulfills her challenge.

Surbhi asks Nani if the tea is ready. Nani says she will bring. Varun comes to kitchen and asks Nani to boil water. He takes tea and adds something in Surbhi’s tea with the intention to kill her baby. Varun gives tea to Surbhi. Sumit comes there and tells that boss called her. Varun taunts him. Surbhi tells that we shall go out and make budget. Maninder asks Surbhi to work at home. Varun asks Surbhi to drink tea, but she says she will have it later. Soumya brings tea and gives to everyone. Harak Singh talks to Jasleen. Harman thinks about Soumya’s challenge. Soumya thinks to make a small place in his heart again.

Jasleen asks Harman how much he loves Soumya. Harman says just like any other husband. Soumya jumps in the water. Jasleen asks Harman to save Soumya who is drowning..

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