Shani 16th February 2018 Written Update

Shani 16th February 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Shani 16th February 2018 Written Episode

|| Shani Dev always walks on the path of karma without any biasness. Shani teaches that those who do good karmas deserve / get good things in return. ||

Epi begins with Devraj telling Hanuman he is a fighter. As a fighter, you should finish what is wrong! Hanuman raises his hand and accidentally hurts Indra Dev. He falls. Bali helps him stand. What did you do Hanuman! Hanuman says when I am in thoughts and someone tries to break it then I hit them accidentally. When Indra Dev came near me, I felt as if he will hit me so I made this mistake. Devraj says I am not worried about my pain but the pain that the world is going to bear. Shani should get punished for his misdeeds. Right now, he is catching hold of all the Nav-graha’s one by one. He committed the biggest mistake by capturing your Guru Dev.
Hanuman is shocked to know this.

Yam declares war and attacks Shani. Shani tells him not to force him to react. Yam isn’t bothered. You can kill me using your Maarak Drishti but do remember that I am the God of death. You wont be able to kill me even if you would want to. You cannot kill the God of death. Shani says if that was my intention then I could have done it long back. There were many times earlier when I could have done it. I dint even need Maarak Drishti to do so! I dint do it so let me do my karma. Neither Shukracharya nor Surya Dev will be freed.

Hanuaman recalls his mother telling him that Surya Dev is his Guru. If not my powers, I have gained knowledge from him only! That Shani must be indeed cruel. He caught hold of my Guru Dev! He will have to pay for it. I will free Surya Dev. Devraj Indra thinks the matter is turning serious. Hope he does not find the truth and frees Surya Dev. I must twist things around a bit. He tells Hanuman that he will free Surya Dev himself. You have to take care of Shani only. Hanuman agrees. I will hurt him beyond his imagination.

Yam angrily shouts that he hasn’t come here to talk but attack him. They are about to engage in a fight when Devi Chhaya comes there. She stops Yam. He tells her that Shani is back on the same path yet again. She nods. I saw that Shani is walking on the path which he has always followed; where he thinks of no one as his own and can punish anyone for his karma. If anyone tries to stop Shani from doing his karma then he must pass through my dead body!

Ravan wonders why Indra Dev isn’t back yet. I should see if he is making some plan against me only! He goes. Dhamini looks up and notices Mandodari coming. They exchange greetings. Mandodari lies that she is just a servant. I came to see if you need something. I came to see your beauty which mesmerised Ravan so much that he chose you as his would be son’s mother! Dhamini walks up to her with folded hands and greets him (understanding her reality). Mandodari asks her what she is doing. Dhamini says I am greeting the Queen of Lanka. The strength that you just showed cannot be of any ordinary woman! I bow down before your patience and strength! Mandodari says I feel embarrassed to even look at you. this is why I came before you as an ordinary servant. Dhamini tells her not to think of herself to be so low. Rest assured. None of your husband’s plans are going to come true. I have faith that my husband will find some way out. Mandodari says it might be needed. You just praised my strength and patience. It is time to help you out of this hell.

Hanuman is waiting for Shani. He notices Shani coming and thinks to first have some fun. He blows and strong wind starts blowing. Shani struggles to stand his ground. Hanuman is impressed to see that he is brave. He can bear the attacks. It would be fun to fight with him! It’s been so many days since I found someone who can match me! I will fight with him today. He suddenly recalls Devraj’s warning words. Don’t come in anyone’s eyes while hurting Shani or Vanar Loka will be in problem. He hides seeing someone walking up to Shani. It is Buddha. Shani thanks him for coming here. I wouldn’t have to waste my time coming to your Loka. Let’s fight right away and decide. Buddha willingly surrenders to Shani. I am ready to come to Lanka with you. He kneels down before Shani surprising Hanuman.

Dhamini asks Mandodari if she is sure that they will be able to break Ravan’s security. Mandodari points at the door in front. I have arranged Pushpak Viman there which will take you home. Dhamini thanks her for protecting her dignity when her husband tried everything to malign it. I cannot thank you enough. Mandodari tells her this isn’t the time to do that. Wipe your tears and come. You must reach Surya Loka asap. We must make sure that Ravan does not know anything till you reach home. They head off towards the gate.

Devraj Indra and Ravan discuss their plan. Indra Dev tells Ravan the day isn’t far when Shani will bow down before you. Ravan is eager to share this news with Dhamini. Shani will captivate all the Nav-graha’s and Hanuman will punish Shani instead. Your freedom is a mere dream now!

Shani thanks Buddha for surrendering. Leave for Lanka. Buddha leaves. Hanuman thinks one more planet lost before Shani but it is time to bring him on his knees. He hides noticing Shani glance around.

Shani goes to the place where Hanuman was earlier hiding but does not find anyone there. This feeling is surely hinting at something wrong. I must reach Surya Loka asap. I feel it is going to be attacked very soon!

Ravan and Devraj Indra do not find Dhamini at her place. Indra Dev wonders if Shani took her with him. Ravan nods. Why dint I think of it? She is Shani’s wife. She would surely try to run away but it wont be so easy for you Dhamini! Run as much as you can. Ravan is coming to look for you! He leaves.

Shani is in Surya Loka. Hanuman peeks at him. Yami calls out to Shani. You are back. He nods. I feel as if something is about to go wrong. Surya Dev and Mata are fine? Yami tells him that they are arguing. I am really scared. Hanuman deduces that Yami seems to be a family member. It will be good for me to find out Shani’s weaknesses. Get ready to bear your karamfal Shani. You caught my Guru. You will have to pay for it. Shani turns suddenly and looks around.

Precap: Hanuman hits Shani using his mace. Shani’s dear friend has returned in the form of his biggest enemy. What will be the consequence?

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