Swabhiman 18th September 2017 Written Update

Swabhiman 18th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Swabhiman 18th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meghna asking Naina to promise that she will stand against Nand kishore if need be for Khyati’s happiness. She says if you can’t take a stand then her other bhabhi is there for her. Naina says they both think of Khyati’s happiness. Sawri meets someone (may be Nand kishore) and tells that she saw Naina, Meghna and Sharda pushing Vishal towards khyati. She says she is their well wisher and that’s why telling. Naina sees Khyati seeing Vishal’s pics and thinks Khyati’s choice is good. She tells her that Vishal don’t know how to take best selfie. She tells her that Meghna told her and is sure that there can’t be a better person for her than Vishal. Khyati is crying and hugs her, says sorry for hiding the truth. Naina asks her to tell to Nand kishore and says if

she tells him then he will not refuse, asks her to gather some courage.
Nand Kishore is talking on phone and asks who is this man. He asks his employee to threaten the man and give some money, else Police will beat him. Naina brings Khyati to Nand Kishore. He asks why she is not ready yet. Dada ji asks her to say. Khyati tries to speak. Naina says we shall stop Arjun and his parents from coming here. Nand Kishore asks what you are saying? Naina says Khyati don’t want to marry as she likes someone else. She says she will marry if you want, but she can’t be happy. Nand Kishore asks who is he?

Dada ji asks Khyati to tell that guy’s name. Naina says that guy is not from any business family, but Vishal bhaiyya. Nand Kishore is shocked. Dada ji smiles. Nand Kishore pretends to smile and gets angry. Naina stops him and asks him to think as her father and not as a business and try to understand her feelings. Khyati hugs him and cries, saying she loves Vishal and can’t stay without him. Sandhya hears them. Nand Kishore calls Sharda. Sharda asks how are you? Nand kishore says don’t know, but I am a daughter’s father. He says just now he came to know about Khyati and Vishal’s love. Sharda is shocked. He asks her to come and meet him at 5 pm or their alliance. Khyati gets happy and hugs him. Nand Kishore says he can bear anything, but can’t see tears in her eyes. She tells Khyati that nothing is important to him than her happiness. Sandhya thinks what happened to Bhai Saheb suddenly. Naina hugs Khyati and thinks she has fulfilled her promise.

Sharda questions Vishal. Vishal says I wanted to tell you, but. Sawri comes back home and thinks may be her three meetings worked. Sharda says you have no option than to become groom. Sawri smiles as she has some bad intention. Sharda tells that Nand Kishore called them. Vishal asks her not to tell Asha as she dislikes Nand Kishore. Sharda says ok. Sawri thinks one work needs to be done now.

Naina brings Khyati to make her meet Nirmala, Meghna and Kunal. They all are happy. Kunal asks if they informed Karan and says he will get angry if they tell him last. He says we shall begin marriage arrangements.

Sharda and Vishal come to Chauhan’s house. Nand Kishore welcomes Sharda. He asks Vishal how is he? Vishal says I am fine. Nand Kishore asks him to tell that he is much happy. He asks them to take snacks and asks about Asha and Vishnu. Sharda says Vishnu was not at home. He asks if they have objection with the alliance. Sharda says no, even they care for their son. Naina brings Khyati there. Vishal looks at her smiling. Everyone is happy. Sharda hugs Khyati and asks her to eat sweets. Nand Kishore stops her and takes laddoo in his hand, smells it. Dada ji asks what is this? Nand Kishore asks him to smell it and says he got poverty smell from it. Everyone is shocked.

Asha comes to Chauhan’s house and rejects Khyati. Meghna asks Khyati what she wants. Khyati says she loves Vishal. Meghna promises to get her married to Vishal only. Meghna talks to Naina and asks her to listen carefully, she tells something.

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