Tamanna 31st May 2016 Written Update

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Tamanna 31st May 2016 Written Update by Amena

Tamanna 31st May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanjay and Dhara running. They come back home and ask Sameer and Mridula to open door fast. Sanjay says Bhai ji did all this. Sameer is angry and says why do people do this for money and votes. Mridula says its good Dhara is safe. Dhara says I was caught between them, Sanjay came on time. Mridula says Sanjay changed a lot, he is not Sanjay whom we knew before, he stood against Bhai ji, he is brave, he learnt to differentiate between right and wrong. Dhara cries and says I wish I could save Basheer. She feels guilty and says I lost everything today, everyone’s trust too. Mridula asks her not to fall weak. Dhara cries.

Basheer’s mum Ruksana asks doctor about Basheer. Doctor says he has to be in ICU for few days, he would get fine in 3-4 months. She says but he has to play cricket tournament. Doctor says his bones got broken, you don’t allow him to play, else it will affect his health. Izhar and Salamat come there. Izhar asks doctor to treat Basheer the best way. Doctor asks him not to worry, Basheer will recover. He goes. Izhar sees Basheer in ICU. He says Basheer is struggling here, who is responsible for this, the reason is just that coach Dhara. He tells Ruksana that Dhara called Basheer in her locality and this happened.

He says anything would have happened, what did Dhara wish to do, this wall between both communities won’t fall, you have always agreed to Dhara, what did you get now for your love and trust, your wounded son. Dhara says I have to go and meet Basheer. Sanjay stops her and says you won’t go. She says I can’t sit quiet, I have to go. Deepak calls her and asks whats this on tv, Bulandgunj has riots again, are you fine, we are worried. Baa asks Dhara not to go out of home. Dhara tells Deepak that Basheer is wounded, he is in hospital, they are holding me responsible for all this, I did not do any mistake. Deepak asks her to promise she won’t go out of home. She says I have to meet Basheer. He asks her to think about Shubhangi. Dhara sees Shubhangi and cries. She agrees to Deepak. He asks her to take care and ends call.

Izhar asks Ruksana to open her eyes now, Dhara is behind Basheer’s state, understand her intentions and truth. He fills her ears against Dhara and says Dhara played with Basheer’s life. Dhara calls Ruksana. He asks her not to answer the call, no need to keep any relation with her, she should get punishment, not pity, she will be punished, first make her realize you have seen her true face.

Dhara says Ruksana is not answering. Ruksana says my heart is saying Dhara is a pure soul person, she can’t put my son in risk, some other people did this and put blame on Dhara. She answers Izhar well and says black hearted people have no place in heaven, they just get hell. Izhar leaves. Ruksana calls Dhara. Dhara asks how is Basheer, I m sorry, I did not call him here. Ruksana asks her not to apologize, I know you are pure soul woman, I know its not your mistake, Lord is testing us, Basheer is out of danger because of his courage. Dhara gets relieved.

Dhara asks how is Basheer, did he get many wounds, did he get conscious, can I talk to him. Ruksana says I can feel your worry, Basheer is in ICU and still unconscious, his bones for broken, he is out of danger, he can walk in few months, thank Lord that he got saved. Dhara says yes, Lord takes care of his dear people, there are riots in city, I will try to reach there soon, I know this is not right time to say, but I have to tell you, I did not write that letter for Basheer, I did not call him at my home, someone did this, we have to find out, its imp, do you remember who got that letter. Ruksana says no, I have not seen him, Basheer got worried reading the letter, maybe he felt something, he thought to meet you and all this happened. Dhara says its imp to find out how that letter reached you, and asks her to take care. Ruksana looks at Basheer and cries.

Dhara says we know who is behind all this, but we have to proof that I m framed in all this, they are playing with a kid’s life, I won’t let them succeed, we have to expose them, they should get punished, I will expose them and bring the dark face infront of the world. Sanjay agrees and says if we get some proof, it would be good, I will find out. Dhara says I will come along. Sameer stops Dhara. Dhara recalls promising Deepak. She asks Sanjay to go, but take care of himself. Sanjay looks at her and leaves. Dhara sees him leaving.

Dhara does the first aid to Sanjay’s wounded hand. He looks at her

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