Tere Sheher Mein 4th November 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 4th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tere Sheher Mein 4th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gupta telling Sumitra that Rama and Amaya did puja well. Rama asks Sumitra to get ointment for his wound. Gupta says Amaya will do, Sumitra you make khichdi for me. He asks Amaya to go and bandage Rama’s wound. Rama tells Amaya he will manage, no need to act. Amaya says let me do, if you lift me and complete puja bearing this, can’t I do this, do I look so bad to you. Sumitra and Bua look on.

Amaya does aid and goes. Sumitra tells Rama that she will find good girl for him, once he leaves Amaya. Rama says he does not want to say anything, he will not marry, he is keeping her respect after knowing everyone what she did. He asks her to leave. Bua says Rama’s sense is lost, what will we do now. Tilak recalls Rama and Amaya. He says if Mantu did not come, Rama and Amaya will unite, I have to do something.

He says he will big bye to Rama and sees the map. He says Rama is a good man, but his goodness is becoming hurdle for him, their way to love is different. He says now Rama has to die, so that Amaya becomes mine. Jaz tells Gupta that she has some plan. Amaya and Rama come after meeting doctor, and say Gupta is having improvement. Gupta signs Jaz. Jaz asks Amaya to get water. Amaya says fine.

Jaz takes him outside, and tells about best couple competition. Rama brings medicines and Amaya gets water. Gupta asks them to take part in this competition. Rama says what, Banaras best Jodi competition, no we can’t do this. Gupta insists and says he wants them to win. Gupta says he won’t have medicines. Rama says fine, you win, we will participate. Jaz takes Gupta and they leave.

Tilak says this is bomb for Rama, I have to make more. Kangana comes to him, and he hides the explosives material. She says she will clean the mess. He says let it be, I like it this way. She gifts him a shirt to thank him for saving her from goons. He says I liked it, thanks. He says he has a gift for her, she will get it when time comes. She says have breakfast and smiles thinking why does she do all this for Tilak, does she start liking him. Tilak thinks this Chipku came again, she does not know she is feeding food with love to her brother’s love, I have to kill Rama and get Amaya.

Amaya and Rama come in the Jodi contest. The man announces the contest details and meaning of love. He says round one will be about the husband and wife finding each other while being blindfolded. Gupta and Jaz smile. Rama and Amaya get away. Gupta worries.

Rama and Amaya come to each other and hold hands. They remove the black cloth and see each other. Everyone clap for them. The man says our competition has 7 rounds, as 7 wedding rounds, Rama and Amaya have won 3 our of 6 rounds, this 7th round will decide winner, this is tough, we will see which husband makes his wife ready well. Gupta says Rama does not know all this. Jaz asks what will Rama do now. Gupta says don’t worry, Mahadev will see.

Rama gets a saree for Amaya. She changes and comes. He says I don’t know how to do makeup. Amaya says we will leave competition here, its fine. Rama says I will try. She applies the makeup to her. Amaya looks at him.

Rama tells Amaya that they have to go court tomorrow for divorce hearing. She gets sad.

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