Teri Meri Love Stories 8th September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 8th September 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Teri Meri Love Stories 8th September 2012 Written Episode

This is the story of a guy named madhav who’s a normal typical job guy with no aspirations in life,lives each day as it comes with a happy go lucky attitude.He has a chance conversation with a girl,priya who owns a punjabi restaurant with hr dad but being dark complexioned is not getting a suitable bachelor,while ordering extra delicate food for his boss who keeps firing him all the time and given his submissive nature he takes in everything.But by mistake,that day priya messes up with the order nd sends non veg food to madhav’s strict boss who fires madhav for this misunderstanding.He calls her up to vent his frustration of losing the job and telling them of their mistake but she refuses to admit.However from one of the delivery boys she later realises that the order had indedd been misplaced and feels sorry for the guy who had to lose his job for her mistake and plans on making it up to him.Meanwhile madhav’s mother scolds him too for not being able to stick to a job.He is sad and depressed when he gets a call from his boss.
Next morning he proudly goes to his office gloating about the fact that his boss hired him again and said sorry too for his rude behaviour.But the pon tells him that the reason he has been hired againis coz priya met his boss and requested him to get madhav back as he was not at fault.He wonders whether he should place a call,then decides against it. However she calls him up and they patch up.That night they both search each other on facebook and start chatting.This goes on for some time.Their friends tell them to keep meeting up but they are hesitant.Then her sister and his friend decided to take matters in thier own hands and fix up a date.When they meet however,both have an awkward meeting and hastily end the date.They both decide that the other person mustnt have liked them in person hence the awkwardness.However they are advised by their friends to give it a second chance.They decide to meet up again.When they meet the next day,she shows her complex about being dark,but he dismisses it saying that inner beauty is what matters.he has a complex of not having a car,But she doesnt seem to be bothered by it.They start meeting regularly,and keep getting closer.However they realise that they are opposite when it comes to personality.She is a hygience loving control freak whereas he is a casual guy who doesnt believe in seriousness in life.One day while having lunch together,their first differences surface when she motions him to eat carefully and he dismisses her by saying that its not really that serious a matter.He sees that she is affected by his statement and regrets to himself of talking too much.After that,differences keep increasing when priya keeps ignoring his “intentions to help turned wrong” methods and finally vents out her frustration when in order to help her get hr grandmother’s oven right,he instead messes up with it by a loose circuit.She calls him a good for nothing and keeps humiliating him on his lack os seriousness n life.he is quiet at first but then he too retalitaes back by saying that her overcarefulness in life borders on cynicism.She asks him to leave immediately and never set foot in her restaurant ever again.They break off on a bad note but at home both regret their actions,but nobody bothers to call the other.
Meanwhile priya reluctantly decides to move on and meet the next prospective groom that her father has chosen despite her sister advising her against it saying that she still feels for mdhav and that it can be seen.Also madhav is advised by his friend when he sees his room tidy that one girl changed him completely and that’s priya and that he loves her and should go for her instead of crying right now and regretting for the rest of her life,However he is disheartened when he goes to patch up with priya with flowers and sees her with another guy,who is the man priya reluctantly decided to meet.he leaves from there without meeting her.
At his job,he is frustrated and not able to take calls properly,his boss again tries to size him up but this time he turns against him,faces him with a brave face and before he can fire,he kicks the job himself and leaves.He goes to priya’s house and meets her dad.Meanwhile priya is faced with the guy he’s been meeting when he decides to take over her restaurant after marriage and convert it into a fine dining area without even asking her permission or opinion.She is hurt and says that the restaurant is her life and not just a property.he says that he requires th restaurant if he is to do a favour by marrying a dark complexioned 28 yr old unmarried woman.She is reminded of madhav and his purity of principles and turns down the offer and asks the guy to leave.Both madhav and priya are sad that they let go of their love too easy.Her father comes up and consoles her.Next morning he presents her with the favourite pancakes and shows that madhav had come to repair the oven when she was out and left before he returned.She is overwhelmed hearing this and is told by her father to go and get madhav.She frantically searches but in vain,since he left his job too,he’s unavailable at office.She finally finds him at a secluded rooftop where she apologizes for being such a control freak and blasting him off that day without bothering about the intntions behind it and proposes marriage.An emottional madhav obviously accepts and they hug each other after again giving in to a fight about petty issues.This love story finally has a happy ending.

Precap: Another love story of onir and pihu,he being a director and pihu being an aspiring actress an their sizzling chemistry on the stage.

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  1. Karthika
    September 11, 17:12 Reply

    I like dis story. I m happy for them and i like ur message suni 🙂

  2. Suni
    September 08, 19:44 Reply

    Aww …..I love it ! Love has everything to do with compromise , and compromise becomes a burden without love . I believe that if you truly love someone , you have to accept that ,they will not think exactly like you all the time .The most important thing I have learnt from marriage, is to choose my battles and not fight the small things . We all hope and pray , that the person we marry , will accept us just as we are ,without trying to change us into what they want us to be .

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