Tu Mera Hero 6th November 2015 Written Update

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Tu Mera Hero 6th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tu Mera Hero 6th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Govind saying we have to take care of Rekha and her children. Titu says Hero said right, I m lucky to get dad like you. Govind asks him to sleep. Titu laughs. Rekha hears them and cries. Keshav sleeps on the ground and could not get good sleep. Bhagwati sees elders sleeping in the hall, and comes to Keshav. She cries. Even Rekha cries and does not get sleep. Vaishaili happily sleeps on Panchi’s bed, while Mukund could not get sleep, and rests on couch. Its morning, Rekha does the aarti. Bhagwati asks her to do two times more. She says Surekha used to do thrice for Rekha’s sons, and two times more for Titu and Govind.

Rekha feels bad of her decision. Vaishaili comes and says Rekha looks Sethani, as she is doing puja. She takes Prasad. Rekha asks her to keep Prasad, as bhog did not go to Lord. Vaishaili says you also do this daily. Bhagwati says Rekha understood meaning today, as she did puja. Govind asks everyone to come and gave food. Panchi gives them food and asks them to dine with Govind. Surekha looks on.

Surekha asks Mukund and Keshav to have food. Mukund asks her to pack it and he will have it in office. He goes. Panchi applies cream to Titu, as mosquitoes have bitten him. Titu asks why did he marry him, but he got benefit by her, as she takes good care of him. She praises him and hugs him. He says Govind’s heart is very clean, Lord is seeing everything, don’t worry, things will get fine. Keshav works at shop. The man tells about Govind’s absence and Keshav scolds him. The man argues with him, and says Govind’s business will be ruined.

Vaishaili asks Rekha to see all this, trust me, you got safe keys, open the safe and check the money, Mukund has to buy a car. Rekha says yes, Mukund wanted car. They open the safe and get 50000rs cash. Vaishaili says we will take jewelry by keeping this mortgaged. Rekha says what will we give in Pinky’s marriage, this is not right, we will buy car when we get more money. She takes money back and keeps everything in safe. Vaishaili asks Rekha why is she talking like Govind and Surekha. Rekha thinks what happened to her.

Vashaili says we were waiting for this thing, and no one is valuing. Rekha says you will understand when you have a daughter and marriage responsibility, maybe Govind and Surekha think the same. Vaishaili says Govind has cheated us. Mukund says they can’t pay for this cheat. Keshav says if Rekha thinks Titu is the heir, then return the keys. Bhagwati asks them what happened to all of them. She asks Rekha will she forget them who respected her and supported her. Bhagwati asks Rekha to take right decision, Surekha loves her. Vaishaili makes Rekha against Surekha and Govind. Panchi looks on. Panchi tells this to Govind, Surekha and Titu. Panchi says things getting wrong again. Surekha asks when will Vaishaili stop using her mind. Panchi says about some land, that’s the reason Mukund and Keshav are believing Vaishaili, Vaishaili said Govind named that land after Titu. Surekha says Rekha should have asked us, we will tell her that we kept that land for Sundar, not Titu, everything will be fine. Titu says no, Vaishaili will bring doubt again. Panchi says yes, we have to end it by root. Titu says we have to make Rekha realize our unity, so that property does not come in between our family.

Manorama comes to visit Surekha. She greets Surekha and hugs her. She tells the mistake on name board, its named Rekha Sadan. Surekha says we have seen it, its not by mistake, leave all that, come sit. Manorama says she has come to just meet them. A man comes and asks for Govind. Surekha says he is not at home.

Manorama tells Panchi that Rachna has won her heart by her goodness. Panchi says our family is not like before now.

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