Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 9th December 2017 Written Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 9th December 2017 Written Update by MA

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 9th December 2017 Written Episode

Uma tells Kanak that lawyer was right, they should not wait time, he has taken a decision and will tell in car. Kanak gets tensed thinking what decision Uma took, what will happen now. Maasi walks to Maasa’s room with shagun gifts and says it is from her bahu’s house, she should enjoy now as soon she and her son will take over everything and Uma will be left as a beggar.

Kanak sits in car and asks Uma what he has planned. He gives file. She sees her flower heart card missing and searches. Uma shows it. She says it is for him and she made it. She asks him to read message in this card. Uma reads it like a news paper emotionless. Kanak asks if he reads someone’s letter like this. He asks how should he read it then. Kanak reads it and says she loves him and kneeling

down says I love you Uma showing rose. She jumps and shouts I love you a lot. Uma silently looks at her. Uma reminisces Kanak confronting earlier that he forcefully married her and treating her like an animal. He says what she wrote is good. She asks what.. so emotionless. He says he has a lot to say, but don’t know how to. Kanak keeps her fingers on his lips and says no need to say anything, he married her thinking as god’s wish and then things fell on their way, she loves him and wants to give their marriage some more time forgetting divorce. Uma says even he went to tell lawyer that he wants to postpone divorce proceedings for some time. Kanak happily hugs him and says is it, they will have a new start, he loves her a lot and hugs him again. They leave in car.
Kanak asks Uma to stop car seeing shops and says they will shop for Payal’s wedding today itself. Uma says it is a good idea. Uma asks to buy whatever she likes as this whole building belongs to him and he gave them in rent, asks shopkeeper to send bill home, even she can buy whatever she likes. Kanak happily shops saris in a shop and asks owner to send bill to Uma Shankar’s house. Owner asks who is that. She says landlord of this shop. Owner says some lady is landlord and her husband must have lied to impress her. Kanak says she will go and bring her husband right now and walks out. Uma tells owner is right, all his properties including these shops, his hospital, agricultural lands, etc. are in Maasi’s name as she is elder of this house. Kanak is shocked hearing that. Uma says he will pay and bring clothes.

Maasi meets someone and giving someone money asks to give it to Aditya as she can trust only him. She then returns home and tries to brainwash Uma to divorce Kanak as she is untrustable. Uma says Kanak has changed.

Kanak returns home and sitting on swinger thinks that is why Maasi challenged her to make Uma beggar. Palomi comes and taunts if Uma divorced her. Kanak makes Palomi sit on swinger and says she may stumble hearing what she will say now. She reveals that Uma decided to postpone divorce and give themselves some time. Suman comes and asks if Uma accepted her letter. She says yes and without uttering a word said everything. Suman happily hugs her. Payal also comes and congratulates and hugs her. Palomi fumes and determines to finish Kanak tonight.

Precap: Palomi pushes Kanak from balcony. Kanak holds railing and pleads to pull her up. Palomi says she can do anything for Uma and now Kanak has to chose Uma or her life and divorce Uma.

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