Udaan 30th September 2016 Written Update

Udaan 30th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 30th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suraj thinking of Imli and drinking. Vivaan comes to Imli and says I can’t believe I got you, we are together, I want to make marriage vows again, by keeping fire as witness. She says yes, even I want to make vows, but where is havan kund. He looks at candles. Suraj asks who is it, leave me. Ranjana comes and says Suraj, the one you loved will be in my son’s arms today, if she did sin then.. He asks her to mind her language, I won’t hear anything against Imli. She asks why did you ruin your home to settle her, you did not think you can never meet her after tonight, she will always be far from you, will you like to meet her or the last time before her suhaagraat. She smiles.

Vivaan keeps the candle stand on the floor and holds Imli’s hand. He says we have to repeat
the promises with these seven rounds. They promise to support each other, be with each other and do duties, take care of children, be friendly and stay in happiness and sorrows together. They smile and talk rounds around the candles.

Chakor looks at the moon and cries. She prays for Vivaan’s happiness, I have nothing left now, except the tears, what will you do seeing my tears, the Chakor who never lost to anyone, has lost everything today Chandu ji. She says from today, I will not come to say my heart sorrow to you again, bless me that I hide my tears and learn to smile. Udaan hai…..plays…….. She shuts the window.

Vivaan opens the window, and asks Imli to see his Chandu ji, moon is smiling as its happy by our union, Chandu ji I promise I will love Imli a lot, I won’t let anyone come between us, you spread happiness light in our lives, we don’t want anything else. Imli also promises that she will fulfil Vivaan’s expectations, she will love Vivaan a lot. Suraj comes to their room. Imli requests Chandu ji to always bless them.

Suraj knocks the door. Vivaan opens the door and says Suraj….. Imli holds Vivaan’s hand. Suraj feels hurt. Imli says you… Suraj says I came to see you. Imli asks is this any reason, you are knocking the door at night and saying you came to see me. Vivaan says its fine Imli. Suraj says sorry and goes. Imli asks Vivaan why did you stop me. Vivaan says sit here, don’t get angry, you are misunderstanding Suraj, today I m with you, its because of Suraj.

She asks what. He says I loved you and let you go, as I did not know you love me, then Suraj stopped me and told me that you love me, he did big favour by uniting us, we can forgive him, now we united, why to get angry on him. She cries and her tears fall on his hand. She kisses his hand and says you are so good, Suraj always did bad with you, for his one favour, you have forgiven all his mistakes, I m getting more…. He wipes her tears and asks what more…. She says I m getting more love on you. He kisses on her forehead. He says you are not my wife, you are my life. She smiles. He kisses her.

Suraj drinks and throws the bottle. He recalls Imli and Vivaan. He says this love did not give me anything, I will be happy like before. He calls his servant and asks where are my guests. Servant goes to see.

Chakor says its late, Suraj did not come back till now, it would be tough time for him also, he united Vivaan and Imli, he would be alone, maybe he also someone to whom he wants to speak out his heart. Suraj drinks more. She looks for him, and comes that day. She thinks maybe he will do something wrong in Imli’s sorrow, where to find him. She hears sound and goes to see. Suraj throws cushions. She says you gave wound to yourself, when you are not able to bear pain, you are getting anger out by throwing this.

He says I m not having any pain, I don’t regret doing anything, that’s all over, I decided I will start a new life. She says its good, even I m happy for Vivaan and Imli, I will also start a new life, I know its not easy, but when one story ends, other story starts, will you welcome life like this, you want to have sorrow by losing in love. He says love and crying is work of weak people like you, I m not weak, I m Suraj Rajvanshi, I want to live my life like before, I want to be happy, I want to enjoy. She sees servant getting the dancer girls. She says so, this is your new life. He says no, this is my old life. He asks servant to play music. He asks girls to start dance and take me to the world where there is no sorrow, pain and cheat, there is just enjoyment.

Suraj dances with the girls. Chakor says I felt you want someone to share your sorrow, but you can never change Suraj, I will sign on divorce papers. He says its good to get free soon.

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