Vani Rani 26th September 2017 Written Update

Vani Rani 26th September 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Vani Rani 26th September 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mai how are you and Babbu? Grandma says who is she? Nimki says I am Nimki from village and very famous, I got first prize in Babbu’s function, Rekha says let us go. Grandma says dont even try to look at our Babbu. Nimki says i need a favor, my brother got injured and I forgot to bring money, we are from one panchayat, we can help each other, you are Babbu’s mother, Mai glares at her. Nimkii says Babbu would have helped me, Babbu broke my cycle but paid me easily. Sweety whispers to Mai that she is taking Babbu’s name a lot, we should just end this. Mai asks Diamond to pay for Nimki. Mai and all leave.

Mauha and Ram are worried in home. Ram says my phone was not working, he is trying to call Nimki but Mono and Nimki comes there. Mauha asks if he

is fine? Nimki says he is fine, I couldnt take cycle because Mono was playing game while I was cycling. Mauha says we were so worried, you dont care about anyone, why did you leave me here alone? I love my brother more than you. Nimki says dont worry, give medicine to Mono on time. Mauha says you forgot to take money. Nimki says yes but Babbu’s family was there and I took money from there.
Grandma is brought to house. Tettar asks what happened? Mai says nothing, she is going to live long life. Grandma says you want me to die? Babbu says she is fighting so she is right. Rekha says she eats chips thats why had gastric problem. Rekha says people beg in hospitals too. Diamond that girl who danced and won cycle race. Mai says those villagers are just beggars. Babbu look on.

Nimki says to family that Mai gave me money, she has big heart like Babbu. Nimki asks Mauha to stop crying, she has to cry on her wedding too. Mauha says hope you get married soon and leave us in peace, all laugh.

Nahar comes to village and tears all posters of Tettar. Nahar says to villagers Tettar have candidate and you people dont have one woman to fight elections? One man says all are scared to stand against Tettar, Dumri is going to win. One villager says Nimki is famous. Nahar says she is good candidate, she saved transport minister so he can give statement in her favor. Villagers say that Ram is a good man and will take care of village, they say we will give vote to Nimki. Nahar says I just have to make Nimki agree now.

Scene 2
Nimki sees Babbu going in car. She says he is hero, she says I have to give money to him. She runs to him and calls out for him. He stops. Dayya asks what do you want? Nimki says I want to give money, he says dont waste my time. Nimki says your mother gave me debt, I am returning it, your grandma is very nice. Babbu says I dont take back money, Nimkii says I dont keep debt too. Dayya says she wont leave us, just take it. Babbu says take it, Dayya takes money. Nimki thanks him. Babbu leaves. Nimki is smitten.

All are laughing that Nahar cant find any candidate against his candidate Dumri. Mai says grandma is still eating chips. Mai asks Babbu to make grandma understand, he says I dont have time. Dayya gives money to Mai and says Nimki returned it. Mai says these villagers have guts to give us money? she gave it and you took it? Dayya says she forced to give it. She throws away money and leaves. Babbu says to Dayya that why did you give to Mai, he leaves. Dublo sees Nimki’s note fallen on floor and takes it, Rekha says its money afterall, he nods.

Nimki serves food to Abhi, he tries to put plate in sink but she says I will do it. she says you are taking too much care, what do you want? Nimki says its just.. I am a good girl. Abhi says just tell me. Nimki says I want to marry. Abhi says no problem, you can marry. Nimki says I cant find a groom, all are poor, I cant find one with pension, I want government officer like you, he coughs. Nimki says your family will get pension when you die, she holds his hand and says if someone like you comes in my life then my life will change, he looks at her. Elena comes there and hugs Nimki. Abhi says when did you change sides? Ram comes there and says we have to go to Patna. Abhi says how can I leave Elena alone? Ram says Nimki can take care of Elena. Abhi is skeptical. She says I dont bring spicy food now and Elena is my friend now, he nods. Nimki asks Abhi to think about her talk, he nods and goes to change.

PRECAP- Tunee comes to Nimki at Abhi’s house and says I have brought movie ticket, you will come? she gets excited and says yes.

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