Ye Teri Galiyaan 1st October 2018 Written Update

Ye Teri Galiyaan 1st October 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Ye Teri Galiyaan 1st October 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shan says how do you know she is my mom? Everyone comes there. Moushmi says see how is he back stabbing us. He is still meeting these people from sonagachi. Shan says please sir. Nevi says you always break my trust. Moushmi says there is another lie left. Chanda says he doesn’t lie. This isn’t his mistake. Ravindra says what other lie? Moushmi takes off Puchki’s wig. Everyone is dazed.
Ravindra says what is this shan? Moushmi says shan kept her in our house. Puchki says sorry Shan. I did this to be near you and save myself from bari. I had to do this.
Nevi says shan you lied to us. You are a fruad. Puchki says he didn’t know. Moushmi says shut up. Don’t fool us. Shan supported her. Nevi says why did you do this shan.

Shan says to Ravindra sorry sir, Ravindra shoves him. He says your punishment is so big.. Shantanu. You proved you can never belong to us. Puchki says stop sir. You can’t do this to him. What if you do a mistake? I will punish you for behaving like this with shan.

Neel wakes up and sees beauty sleeping next to him. He is dazed.
Ravindra says you will punish me? she says I lied then why punish Shan? Why didn’t you punish aru? Moushmi says shut up. Ravindra says Shan will go back to Sonagachi.

Puchki says would you have treated Ridhoy the same way? wouldn’t you have given him a chance? People ask Ravindra to think before he punishes Shan. Moushmi says you have to punish him he keeps doing things like this. Ravindra says people are right.
Shan is in tears. Puchki says don’t cry. In the end truth always wins.
Nevi tells Moushmi on the way back that Shan is Aru’s illegitimate child. she says this is why i hate him. Moushmi says do you have a plan? She says yes.

Neel is in bed naked. Beauty makes his video. He gets up. She says i have your video. I can send this to your dad. He says what do you want? Beauty says marry me.

Precap-Neel is on his way. Rana is about to hit him. Puchki saves him. Beauty comes to Mazumdar house.

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