Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Munna and Pandit coming near Naina’s house and make animal sound to get Naina’s attention. Naina and Preeti see them. Munna shows Sameer’s letter. Naina and Preeti run to get the letter. Munna and Pandit tease Naina. Bela comes and asks what they are doing here? Preeti says she thought to have gulab jamum. Tai ji comes and says even she wants to have. They go to sweets job and take gulab jamun. They give to Munna and Pandit. They ask for more. Tai ji says you have it so soon. Naina says can we have one more. Bela asks shop keeper to give them. Tai ji also takes extra and also takes for Pralay. She says bela will pay. Munna asks for jalebi. Preeti says she wants jalebi. Tai ji orders many sweets for Pralay. Naina and Preeti take jalebi and give to Munna and Pandit.
They give letter and leave. Preeti says I forgot to bring money handkerchief. Bela says why to get sad, and says bhabhi ji will pay the money. Shop keeper says 55 Rs. Bela asks Tai ji to give. Tai ji gives 22 Rs, and asks him not to give parcel. Preeti tells naina that Sameer’s letter will be sweet today.

Shefali comes and asks Arjun where is he going? Arjun says he is going to nearby street. Shefali says she is also going, and says lets go together. Arjun asks her to come. He tells about his cricket practice and couldn’t go to college 3-4 days. Shefali says we are in same college now and can go together. Arjun says if we go to college together then our rickshaw rent will be saved. Shefali asks if there is nothing? Arjun says no. She asks if he wants to learn car driving. Arjun says yes, but he is not getting time. Shefali says then we will go to college in car. Arjun says papa will give me car for 2-3 days. She asks about his college days. Arjun says he is feeling good and light. Shefali thinks as your Papa is not in college.

Doctor gives Vishaka’s report to Bobby and says it is all good. Vishaka asks him to call Sameer and Rohan and says he will feel good. Dadi says Rohan went out for practice and Sameer is not at home. She closes the door. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he would have knock on the door and call his maa, but he didn’t do that. Sameer is hungry and comes to the dining table.

Keshav says I thought you will have food outside and says food is finished. He asks him to have morning roti if he wants to have. Dadi asks Keshav to make fresh food for him. Keshav says if he makes food then Vishaka might wake up from sleep. She says Sameer is not cooperative like Rohan. Sameer says I will have this morning roti. Vishaka hears them. Deepika comes and gives him biscuits. Sameer hugs him. Vishaka cries seeing Sameer about to eat morning roti. Rohan comes home and greets Dadi. He says he went to Chandni Chowk and brought special parathas for him. He gives his plate to Sameer and takes his plate and starts eating. Dadi says it is stale roti. Rohan says if Sameer can have it then why can’t I. Sameer and Rohan feed each other and have food. Vishaka smiles.

Sameer plays guitar in the radio station. He couldn’t play well. Naina replies to Sameer’s letter that she was longing to meet him, but she couldn’t meet him. Sameer reads her letter and gets emotional. Naina writes that she will wait for him even if it is 10 years. Sameer writes that if they are destined to meet then will meet surely. Naina calls on Sameer’s landline, but Dadi picks the call. She writes letter to him that Dadi picked her call. She asks him to call her at 4 pm daily. Sameer writes that it will be difficult for him to call her, but he will keep writing letters to her, and preparing for his final exams so that he can get good marks like her. Naina writes him letter that she will be happy even if he comes second, but why letters are short and incomplete. He thinks not to go to radio station from now and writes her letter that he can’t continue his job during exams. Naina gets the letter and gets sad. Teri yaad aati hai…plays….

Sameer talks about love on radio show. Naina, Vishaka, Bobby and Rohan hear him. Sameer gets emotional.

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